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Oh FFS! “ASIO is Monitoring Conspiracy Websites…” — Hey Everyone, Let’s All Wave to ASIO 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  1. They have been monitoring for years. Don't kid yourselves. They always need a "bad guy" they will even create, enable & foment one if non are currently avaliable. GAaaaaaaSiiiiiiioooo are the very definition of terrorists. Release serial numbers & photo's of the firearms used by the "trio"
    Bet they were logged in an evidence locker years ago.

  2. The national security of the country has already been breached by diversity quotas initiated by the government.
    The police are hired thugs of the government instead of protecting the people.
    Every thing is topsy-tervy and the government is to blame.
    The people of the country did not create the problems, the government did.
    This is not a theory, this is a crystal clear fact.
    If the government does not change their behaviour and if the police don't wake up to what they have become, everything is going to get progressively worse.
    I think a majority of people are sick of being treated like children and bullied by the government and armed thugs.
    Rant over.

  3. So why send 4 Gestapo to an address for a welfare check, and why if no one knew they were coming, was the place boobytrapped? Gestapo telling bs lies yet again? The legacy Media narrative has fallen apart. As usual. Maybe you shouldn't have been there in the first place aye?

  4. Well when the media became the propaganda arm of the government who in turn gave them tax breaks to spread government lies, 
    and now this new government thinks people who think for themselves are extremists and conspiracy theorist.
    These politicians are wack jobs and nut bags and should never have power over another human being.

  5. Oh surprise surprise the people definitely know who the bullshitters are now hey MSM AND SO CALLED AUTHORITIES. You all have yourselves to blame especially after jamming a 70's reporter in our face attacking minority groups. Isn't that illegal according to you lot. You reap what you sow
    The blood of those 6 that died recently is on your hands and you know why. I have relatives that were police officers and you have brought nothing but shame upon their time in the force. I am disgusted in you and the reporter you make me sick

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