Oh SH*T! NATO EXPANDS! Russia To Retaliate?! – #107 – Stay Free With Russell Brand PREVIEW

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With guest Aaron Maté (@aaronjmate).
Aaron is an investigative journalist for The Grayzone and co-host of the Useful Idiots
Podcast with Katie Halper.


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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. Russell, with all due respect. You're wonderful, by doing your talkshow by yourself. Why invited someone to just kept them shut up just for your egos!?😜😂 Sorry it doesn't make sense invited a guess, than to keep, bavarde,😜😂💕Love u as usual.

  2. What do they expect? Trump to walk in, jump and click his heels, "yippee, I'm here" ? He's probably wishing he was golfing, with his wife or family, or doing anything other than sitting in a boring court room, over a possible 30 minute encounter years ago.
    Note how few views those news places have. lol No one (well, no one with any mind or wit) watches the women clucking at the table show or cnn, cbs and their ilk.

  3. Finland fought with the Nazis in WW2, and now America supports them joining NATO. America is a war-mongering country pure and simple. Anything to start hostilities is America's plan. The US is the enemy of peace anywhere in the world. Every country the US has invaded is worse off, not better off.

  4. Agreed. This side show that they concocted is absolutely to bring this man to the front of everyone's conversation. How great he is. Makes me want to blow my groceries. I shake my head at all of the people that are falling for this clown act. Break out the big red floppy shoes. All in the name of himself. Yes you guys look like you are on overtime here. I pray all that is needed is a little R&R. Do say you must. but remember your health is more important. This isn't going away soon. Maintaining an even strain is needed in these final days.

  5. Gosh, those broadcasters worked hard … The trial is a sham and cannot wait for it to flop as it will and libs will have to eat their words …

    As for my friend who is salivating at this … Will have to donate $50 to Trump's campaign… Well if they take my bet offer but somehow I don't think they will as even they know this is a farce regardless of how they root for Trump to be in prison

  6. the human species as a whole is destructive, its built into our dna as a survival mechanism of sorts, we have the ability to rise above such primitive urges but as a whole we wont.. not unless everyone is forced to, so take america for example and the madness from all sides, one must pick a poison…. the illusion of peace love and harmony, or accepting reality and using force to make the changes you want to see…. war is hell but kids being mutilated and chemically castrated in america for example is also hell….. civil discourse wont do shit… that should be self evident at this point in human history… its just constant waves of bullshit then people become more and more complacent and subservient…. the only solution to all of this madness is to fight back in mass numbers devoid of cowardice and the illusion that civil discourse is the way cos it aint…

  7. Just on the point of watching things with subtitles; it's actually one of my personal pet peeves having subtitles interrupt anything in a language I understand. It's distracting and annoying to me. If it's in one of the languages that I understand – please no subtitles

  8. When should someone dragged into court NOT be angry? I'm confused about what CNN is attempting to show. If anything they actually make Trump look more human, and THAT is fucking hard to do….

    On NATO… Putin says Do NOT do this thing…. NATO says or what? I bet the U.S. told Finland that if they didn't join NATO, they would wind up like Germany. No other threats needed…

  9. NATO needs to be called out for what it really is! It is not a DEFENSE pact. None of its meddling in the Balkans, South America, Asia, anywhere, has been for self defense. It has been to promote conflict and supply weapons to their perceived allies. Kudos to Chris Hedges and to you guys for bringing this up. I've been wanting to hear you talk or even mention the Nato bombing of Serbia and Bosnia for a while, as it was such a perfect example of everything bad you talk about when it comes to Nato and the military-industrial complex. Its meddling in the break-up of Yugoslavia is nothing but textbook Nato stuff.

  10. You are basically Batman Russell I’ve been saying that for seconds now! Lol
    Look no homo but you’ve helped more people than the made up comic book hero Batman in the comic book world of course lol
    I lived in England for 14 years as a child it’s basically Gotham City everywhere

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