Oh Sh*t, They’re Piloting This!

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As Klaus Schwab declares the necessity of global leaders maintaining their control of technology, Schwab’s favourite penetrated cabinet member Justin Trudeau announces plans for “smart cities” and the capturing of Canadian’s medical data. If you’re not worried about your privacy, you should be.
#canada #justintrudeau #wef

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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. I was 18 years old when I first heard man's downfall will be his efficiency at first it didn't make any sense ,In March I'll be 58 in those 40 years I come to realize that this is very true, Red and blue make brown let's unite and take this down ,Wake up my brothers and Unite

  2. I will say it because I think you didn’t mention that blackrock owns the railroad and trains derailed, as you know the east Palestine derailment happened like two weeks ago and are you aware that there has been two other trains derailed aswel and a lorry carrying hazardous materials somehow ended up on its side spilling its hazardous materials, blackrock is also good at creating Hollywood life like scenes but the difference is that they are doing it for real not for a movie

  3. Everything is about balance,
    All power must be limited with constant oversight, or it will inherently breed corruption, even if just to hold on to the power.
    Some form of globalism is a good thing, however, like everything else capitalism touches, capitalistic globalism, at the hands of plutocratic puppeteers, is indeed an inherent evil.
    And one of capitalisms greatest lies is a capitalist free market, when conglomerates control the market, and push around competition, it isn't free.
    And don't get mixed up, for most goods and services, a free market is a good thing, but the profit motive has no place in things like healthcare, housing, mass transportation, or education.
    That also doesn't mean that international trade or movement of people and ideas are some automatically evil thing, but when it's at the whims of a puppeteer's profit margins, it is.
    Government itself isn't inherently evil,
    It's just people deciding on the things we need, that we can't do alone, for a functional society. However, allowing government to be run by plutocrats or party cronyism, is.

  4. He chose a finance minister that carries a stack of papers with her, but has never talked about the budget. They are planning something that will never help the people of Canada. Trying to stop oil production and natural gas? Taking "tools" from the self feeding, naturalists? Talking about how they will help pay the bills with $500 and dental for about 20,000 children?

  5. Russel, if you do read these, first I love you and am so grateful for your presence and the light you bring. Sat Nam.
    My only wish is that you apply a sliver of your passion and genius to putting together healthy alternatives…what in your opinion would be viable options for a levelled up society orchestration!!!!
    Man i hope you read this… does it help if I add that it would be a super cool 50th birthday surprise?😄🤘🏼🙈
    Anyone else reading this: I love you🙂

  6. Here's an idea! Teach young children *y'know, the one's being taught the importance of Trans and the other 80+ completely made up genders*… yes those innocent young humans with brain like sponges, the Critical thinking skill!
    It's a very important skill needed for them!
    I have been completely astounded to learn lately just how many intelligent and generally good people, just have never been taught this skill, nor aware that it is a skill and a talent that is obtained by learning, not born with!

  7. Welcome to another level of implementation of UN SDG 2030 treaties.

    Treaties which every member nation signed, with wars being fought again powers that are starting to reject and flat out rejecting the actual policies being forced upon sovereign nations by the UN SDG overlords.

  8. I agree with conservationists not environmentalists. Conservationists worked to keep nature conserved through thier interaction to prevent things like forest fires and over populations. Environmentalists want to leave everything untouched regardless of the dangers involved which leaves places like California with never ending forest fires to save the beetles that end up getting cooked because nobody is cleaning up the dead trees and mounds of leaves which ignite with the slightest flicker of a heat source.

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