Oliver Anthony Speaks Out After Turning Down $8 Million Music Industry Offer

Country music viral sensation Oliver Anthony, singer of “Rich Men North of Richmond” has now spoke out publicly regarding his eight-million-dollar record label offer. Oliver Anthony made it very where he stands when it comes to being bought. Oliver Anthony means every word he sings in “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

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  1. Gotta respect the man for staying true to himself….knowing he's happier out of stadiums and tour busses….if i had a lick of talent (which I dont even have a little) I would be an at home studio musician myself…stadiums and months on tour could never make me happier than going at my own pace leisurely making what ever I felt like making without someone up my butt about how this or that just ain't trendy or radio worthy

  2. As a retired Marine GySgt his song tells the truth about these uniparty warmongers in the District of Corruption who have lined their Bank accounts in the last 20 years with cash soaked in the blood of the Sons of daughters of America's working poor and middle class. And then they have the gall to insult us on a daily basis. Semper Fidelis!

  3. Wow… goosebumps. I promise you that I was nowhere near as aware as Chris when I was young. I look forward to tracking his story over the coming period. I read Hillbilly Elegy and it only confirmed what I saw firsthand while traveling through the Appalachian region to and from the places I hiked and camped. I lived and worked in and around the DC Beltway for years and my lifeline was always the promise of unplugging from the stress by hiking, fishing, and camping in W. Virginia. In my early 30s and through my 50s, when I would come into contact with the local folks, I always knew that I had more lessons to learn about life. And as I have got aged and become more aware, and wiser, I now take comfort that I became more like them and less like the DC-insider that I used to be. Godspeed, Mr. Chris.

  4. Sometimes, it's not about the money! Most everything in our lives, is a Genni in a bottle. Something has to be given with each wish. We all have to ask ourselves…is it worth the cost? This man's music is what everyone else is thinking! I hope he continues to sing it loud. He has the passion to ignite people. "Sold My Soul to the Company Store". That's the sort of music he writes and sings. God bless.

  5. I'm glad this man is looking for a peaceful way to change America back to simpler and happier times that many of us experienced while growing up. We are all tired of wokeism and the Marxist activities of the current administration. The Elites, who own our politicians, want two classes: the Elite power mongers and blue-collar peasants, NO MIDDLE class. Save the Middle class and we save America.

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