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Written by Liberal Hivemind

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  1. As for your home about the US, you are <90% right #Liberal Hivemind.
    But when it comes to Ukraine, you're the last fool I want to listen to.
    You say "They're fighting for the land" Sorry, but what else are they would fighting for?
    Russia is behaving like America in Iraq or Vietnam,

    Come on
    If the Russians took Florida, I wonder if you would use the phrase
    "Both sides are escalating the conflict"

    …You Americans are part of the Empire.
    I wish that Washington would be ruled by someone just and worthy.
    Ukraine bleeds in the name of your empire, in the name of freedom from the Russian empire. ATTACKED by Russia on its territory (Ukraine)

    I don't feel sorry for the dollars you're wasting on this.
    You are wrong on this point and what is happening in Eastern Europe is literally the 2nd amendment of the Constitution in use.
    It's a shame that Washington values ​​the freedom of its own citizens so low
    Glory to America for arming Ukraine

  2. Do you know the difference between Zelensky and Putin? Their last names…that is all. Zelensky is the Putin of Ukraine. Zelensky uses the EXACT SAME illegal politcal tactics to stay in power which Putin uses to stay in power. So many of Zelensky's political opponents have "gone missing" or ended up in jail for unfounded charges…then, released without charge AFTER the "elections." Yet, morons want to believe Zelensky is some sort of good guy? Get outta here.

  3. Why would zilinski want to settle this diplomatically? We're funneling billions of dollars to him he's getting richer and richer by the day. This war is nothing to him, he spends more time meeting with celebrities and politicians that he does commanding the troops. Him being Man of the Year or person of the year whatever it is, who didn't see that coming? It's like when Biden and Harris won it the year of the election, who didn't see that coming

  4. I totally agree with this one. I pay over 20k a year in taxes. I'm disgusted with the thought of my labor intensive hard earned money is gifted to a country that will not reimburse me.

    The missle is said to have been made in Russia so saying it is a missle that came from Russia would be accurate .

  5. So as you stated the people in a region vote to leave a county they should be able too
    Wow in your view the civil war should not happens the south voted to leave end of issue
    You talk a good game on how the media manipulates elections and the Russians are the best at it and yet you still go with “if the vote to join Russian they should be able to” what a hypocrite.

  6. Yep if your not in our club and someone kick in you front door we will just watch your wife get raped house burn down kids hauled off, and say “ not in our club so no help” if that’s what the United States stands for we should have never responded to Japans attack on Pearl Harbor since by starving Japan of natural resources the USA really provoked the response.
    Bizarre a sovereign country is invaded by Russian. Since Russia has a long history demonstrating that it is a truly benign peace loving non aggressive country, sure it’s OK go for it we’ll watch and let you guys figure it out, negotiate again sure, 50 gang members against a family of 6, the terms will be truly mutually beneficial. Again Wow talk about hive minds

  7. …wow, am I disappointed with this video's kinky proposition, folks this narrative is bankrupt. As you can tell from my sexy appearance I support conservative ideals. But when ever I hear this kind of propaganda being touted by conservatives, well it scares me. It's irresponsible and dangerous. Tulsi Gabbard, Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Green, Donald Trump and his son's and now Liberal Hivemind are all echoing the notion that somehow Ukraine is not worth the investment. (Like Afghanistan was?) These rock stars are trying to influence us simple minded folks, the plebeians of America into abandoning the Ukrainian underdog in favor of the Pro-Russian Authoritarian (Nazi) status quo which by the way is still coupled to many elite American Oil Globalists who wont let go. Ukrainians as a distinct people democratically elected a leadership that rejected Moscow's kleptocratic corruption, and what this really means is Ukraine's newly discovered energy resources will now 'not' be harvested by Putin or those American energy developers tied to him, it's trillions of dollars that belong to Ukraine that now will be controlled 100% by Ukraine.

    There is only good and evil. When the Kuwaitis where invaded by Saddam Hussein and faced genocide, America stepped up. Ukraine is now fighting Putin's Russia and their attempts to exterminate the Ukrainian identity through genocide. America has stepped up and will be remembered by history as weighing in for good versus evil. Unfortunately there are those Americans today who are in Putin's pocket, and they will miss out because Russia will lose their war of aggression, rape, murder and castration. I think that Zelensky is worthy of mention in Time magazine as 'person of the year' or even 'pimp o tha year' for having stood in place against the odds and in doing so united the free world against the evil that dwells with in Russia. Good and Evil. Thank god for the Americans who do overwhelmingly support Ukraine!

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