ONLY THE BEGINNING | Matt Taibbi Exposes Twitter Policy

The Twitter Files with Matt Taibbi, who has been releasing internal documents from before Elon Musk purchased Twitter. Here Matt reveals everything we need to know about these revelations. #twitter #elonmusk #twitterfiles

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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. Absolutely mainstream media has sold out! Three quarters of what MSM feeds us is either got some spin on it, details have been manipulated to fit a false narrative or it is out and out a lie. A fabrication to fool the nation. MSM can only be trusted to be MSM and do what they do, which is lie & manipulate.

  2. While I don't absolve them completely by any means, I do give SOME journalists the tiniest amount of clemency in my own mind out of sympathy for them and the difficult situations in which they find themselves. But that only goes so far. Standing up against tyranny can be uncomfortable, inconvenient and frightening, but the worse things get, the less people are willing to give you a pass on that excuse. At what point do you go from being someone fairly insignificant who just doesn't want to rock the boat to being a bootlicking sycophant for an oppressive authoritarian regime?

  3. Musk is an alien, he is not human the way you and are.
    There are lots of extra-terrestrials in our midst.

    He was untrustworthy* but recently he has done a 180 degree and is now attached to the Good Guys. Hmmmmm.
    I sounds great… but we must constantly keep an eye on him Why ?
    Cos Elon is an extra-terrestrial being, comes from a universe far in advance of Earthlings and therefore does not have our “human” point of view. He only has his own.

    Did you see his comments about ants who were “in the way” of “progress”.
    Play close attention to what he says, and even closer attention, to what he lets slip.
    He (and the off world planet he comes from) could very well have a deeply hidden agenda ….?… which does not have our best interests, or indeed, any of our interests, at heart.
    The cosmos is showing itself to us ….. pay attention.

    The best and most significant warning he has given us (humans) is
    TO KEEP AWAY FROM AI 👈🏿. anything AI
    (robots for example).
    But we are not heeding him.
    As we choose to move into AI, so too are we choosing our own demise.
    He said … I have been trying to warn humans to shun AI but no one is listening.
    What none of us realise, is that we human beings are a special species who have the RARE, precious ability, to CREATE OWN OWN REALITY.
    We also call it “having a soul”
    Almost all off worlders cannot create their own reality.
    They are AI .. they are simply programmed robots. No soul.

  4. Russell and Matt… what the f$&k???

    Musk is a weapons and intelligence contractor. You praise him and then discuss how the MIC is a threat to the planet?

    Who the do you think Musk will favor and protect? His top tier clients that bring in billions or the consumers/product of Twitter?

    I really expected better from both of you.

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