Orbán to Tucker: “CALL BACK TRUMP” to END Ukraine War

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Hungarian Prima Minister Viktor Orbán suggested that only Trump can end the Ukraine war and avert global catastrophe.

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Photos: Tucker on X

Written by Due Dissidence

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  1. People like putin, Orban and modi and labelled "rightwing nationalists" by western media and Wikipedia. And yes they are nationalists whether u think thats good of bad. I think bad cus i dont believe in the idea of nation states. However orban, putin and modi and xi also have very high approval ratings in theor countries and have been very successful when it comes to the economy and reducing poverty. Other "rightwing" countries are also seeing poverty reductions – like poland and estonia.

  2. I'm sure the Romanovs and Gorbachev will both be glad to hear that coups are impossible in Russia.

    Not saying it's likely or that we should be rooting for that. But to act like there is no historical precedence for it is absurd. Especially when a mercenary group almost pulled one off a few months ago.

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