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Overseas Chinese police stations and the weaponisation of Western police

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  1. Working with and joint agendas with the 5 eyes and especially the deputy director of the FBI is a serious concern for all Australians considering the massive amount of evil and corruption that has and is being exposed about the FBI and the CIA. These branches/agencies would have to be, along with industrial military complex, the worlds leading, biggest, most dangerous and evil terrorist organisations the world has ever witnessed

  2. China will drop DeltaCron soon and end this miserable Western decline. There's a reason why Omicron keeps increasing transmissibility and immune evasion, it's because China is assembling a "golden gun" variant in plain sight. The West is clinically braindead and is fixated on myopic problems while we are 5 minutes to midnight in the bio war. Clown world.

  3. They have learnt from the CCP and agencies like FBI and CIA that Terrorism and Fear Mongering works to control sheeple but it Infuriates the Citizens who are aware of these Tactics of Socialist Policing and the Citizens will use and include NEW LAWS against them.

  4. Unfortunately they follow dictation from governments they enforce the laws created by their true masters who pull their strings, (order followers it didn't work as an excuse for Nazi's WWII ring any bells) even if the laws they enforce are unjust the police follow without a conscience, a Para military police force personal soldiers an army for state governments it's definitely not for the people's interests but for those who rule us which is indeed they should be protecting and upholding the right thing to do rather than enforcing of unjust laws, the judges also need to question whether laws created by governments are justified should be nullified and do what is right by the people.
    Corruption goes deep very deep, the darkness shall cometh to the light revealing the truth
    The police and military officers need to wake up and question we can't make real change until individual officers question their orders and Reality start seeing who the real bad guys are then inturn will become the many officers as they awaken to join the mass awakening of what is and has always been we've been lied to since we were born into this system of control to keep the people asleep of our true potential our true power
    we are much more than flesh and blood much more,
    something is coming it will be big Always let love and light guide you not fear as love creates a world they can't control only love shall light your way only love shall set you free ✨️ ❤️

  5. these porkers can sit smug as they like, but know this traitors, DURHAM is just the start and he is not the only game in town, soon enough you will be in a different tribunal, i hear GITMO is expanding dont forget ya tooth brush, oh and dont drop the soap you dogs.

  6. Tired of the lies. Sars cov 2 period revealed actions that are patently obvious by police force in Victoria.California had numerous incidences of what is being discussed. Wake up Australia the frog is unaware the water is boiling ! Thank you Sen.James Patterson.

  7. I have zero respect for any law enforcement agencies in Australia now and for the last 40 years of my life police departments have become the scum of the nation and deserve no respect. Criminals and police are both on the same ground of treating the public with no value, and making the public suffer from extortion and criminally be held up. The police of Australia are pure scum and are just as the criminals of Australia. The difference is police target people and criminals target criminals and people. The police destroyed as many people as criminals and both are the same.
    Police can break the law and it's ok.
    If an Australian citizen is pulled up by police if the police are hurting, harrassing or just bothering us for no reason the police should be shut down and sent away. If they continue harrassing us they should be fired and locked up.

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