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Parents shouldn’t be excluded from their children’s education – Senate Speech 23.11.22

Last week I spoke about how important it is for parents to be involved in their children’s education.

Education should not be outsourced to bureaucrats in Canberra via a National curriculum that is designed to push their Marxist agendas.

There is an inherent danger when both parents work that teachers become beholden to these bureaucrats and not parents who know what is best for their children.

Parents and teachers have got enough on their plate. They don’t need government bureaucrats telling them what is best for their children.

This speech was on short notice and off the cuff so sorry for the umms and arghs.

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  1. Great work Senator, thank you. This Father, Politician, Gentleman cares. He's a rare Politician who is giving back to society and speaks sense and I believe a Champion for his fellow man. I reached out to him from another state about a situation with my adult daughter and the mental health system she was trapped in and being misdiagnosed, he rang me and spoke to me as a fellow Father and genuinely wanted to know the outcome. As you said to me and its a phrase I also use regularly "a spade is a spade" I tip my hat to you Sir.

  2. Thank you senator once again. Tutoring children over the last 17 years, I have come to realise that parents are essential for student success. By involving the parents in their child's education you are arming yourself and the family with the best opportunities. The parents are there when the tutor or teacher cannot be, if the parents know what the task is then they can help their child to stay on task. The parent and teacher are also able to see the bigger picture. We should be inviting parents into our classrooms not excluding them. I get it, for some students don't get the same level of parental support and the school can offer a safe place away from home but why not invite those parents into their child's education and help build on family relationships?

  3. Good on you Senator for standing up for the obvious!
    When something like transgender children goes up by a massive percentage it has to be investigated to ensure it isn't just a trend or fad that the child will later regret terribly. The Climate Science is a complete joke like Net Zero. Indoctrinating children is a plan to keep the fake climate emergency scam going. The Covid science is also falling apart at the seams.
    Much respect for you, Alex Antic, Matt Canavan and Malcolm Roberts you are all doing great work!

  4. The theories of Paulo Freire (Brazillian Marxist theorist) are infesting the education system and have been for many years. The people pushing this WILL NOT STOP as it is an ideological mission, akin to a religious calling, for them to indoctrinate children into Marxist ideology. They will deny that it is Marxist, and will also deny that the prior horrific examples of the implementation of Marxism were "real Marxism". This newest incarnation of Marxism is identity Marxism, and draws heavily from the works of Antonio Gramsci, Herbert Marcuse and the educational theories of Paulo Freire.

    Parents need to understand the terminology that is used to subversively indoctrinate their children. Diversity Equity (a MAJOR red flag term) and Inclusion (DEI) ideology, as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) are all aspects of Neo-Marxist indoctrination. The teachers may not even be fully aware of the ideology that they are teaching, as they too were indoctrinated in their University courses, where this long march through the institutions began.

    I do not know what the solution to this problem is, the government and it's bureaucrats seem Hell bent on instituting it, the judiciary are unlikely to provide any relief and are more likely to side with the immoral bureaucracy. To go along with it is not an option. As Alexandre Solzhenitsyn pointed out: Live Not By Lies. Thank you Senator Rennick, you are one of the very few who embody that ethos well.

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