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PART 4/6 COUNCIL admits it BANNED these flags!

Shocking revelations from The Inner West Council. Local communities have promised decisive and large scale protest action in opposition to the council’s banning of the Australian, Aboriginal and Russian flags.

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Written by Aussie Cossack

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  1. When are people going to wake up and realize Australia is a corporation and that's why they think we have no power. The truth is we have all the power because the Police and councils have no rights to our freedom other than brute force. Well, two can play at that game.

  2. Guy sounds an Inspiration just like the peoples Aussie,Community must remember such heroes naturally…..and Celebrate…looking forward to flags going up naturally..all Communities should celebrate heroes who stood for their freedom and rights.all look into your Community heroes share and Celebrate, they smell the I justices in their graves.

  3. As a suggestion for Sat:
    Find a rigger , or an experienced flag raiser (yes they exist), and engage their services in ready for having nothing but barren poles (as a deliberate act of hindering by those that removed the flags and raising mechanisms- maybe submit an FOI to get their names & pics)
    For They will have appropriate ropes etc, and will know how to get flags raised regardless.

    Be prepared for yet more cop harassment.
    It will be interesting to see if they hinder flag raising, going against all they claim to have joined the forces for…

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