Patriots are Storming Wall Street!!

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Written by Dr. Steve Turley

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  1. The agenda 21-24 are directions on what is happening under ground. They plan on using our own military, that’s bad, but there are 600 FEMA camps please find and share
    We need to get rid of Biden’s emergency powers. Wrong!!we can take over the tunnels, and keep people safe if we stick together!!0
    Please let me know if I can be helpful in a group of defenders. We have to save the children, they have all the supplies you can put in there. Using Walmart/ Home Depot to access topside, people don’t know, but they are everywhere!!

  2. This is a good, but dangerous development. Going public is how
    control is eventually lost.
    I truly hope that (eventually), we'll see a bank come out of this!
    For any parallel economy, a well funded bank (ensuring privacy from the Deep State intrusions),
    for loans, credit and debit cards.
    It's also important to find ways to
    stop the Deep State financial backing. (BlackRock, Vanguard,
    Intrastate control assets of near
    80% of the S+P 500 companies!)
    Otherwise, eventually they will come for us, using the SEC, FED and FTC, just to begin with.
    A parallel economy must be a
    barracade against the coming
    FEDNow digital currency push.

  3. Its one thing to have a parallel economy but why couldn't we create parallel stock exchange….How many companies on NYSE would migrate to non-woke stock exchange…We could pick up a city like Colorado Springs, a conservative city in a very conservative county with tremendous potential.

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