Pentagon FAILS Fifth Audit IN A ROW As Congress INCREASES Budget | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Pentagon failing their most recent audit while Congress continues ramping up the military budget.

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  1. Congress makes the DOD set up financial systems to do things they way they want, i.e.. oversite. Then try to make that system fit the way commercial businesses get audited. It's just stupidity to think that trying to fit the square peg of the DOD finances into the round hole of a commercial style audit is going to work.

    The DOD spends money, often times a lot of it on existential threats to our country that may never become reality. But if they didn't, what would happen if it did become reality. Goodbye, USA. How do you audit that? No commercial company would do that kind of business!

    Commercial business are out to make money and pay taxes, and that's the basis of them getting audited!. Does the DOD do either of those? No. So since their inception the systems they have developed to track their spending don't take those things into consideration. Does that mean they don't know where their funding is being spent, of course not. The auditors come in and are looking for specific things and ways of doing business that they see in the corporate world. When they don't find them, the DOD fails its audit. Nothing to do with a lack of accountability.

  2. I wish people would stop using the F-35 program as an example, as it shows they haven't actually spent much time on topic. There is no shortage to choose from but we keep on the same dumb points in the argument.

    The Chinese J-20 costs more than the F-35 making Saagar's comment nonsensical. A 5th Gen fighter is literally impossible to make cheap, when you are literally developing entirely new ways to both engineer and actually construct exponentionally more complex planes. Go to any country in the world and say you can build a 6th gen program with lower costs than F-35 and watch them laugh you out of the room.

    Northrop Grumman just finished the B-21 Raider development ahead of schedule and under budget. The aviation side of the military is literally the worst place to look if you want to find the bloat in the military budget. Literally everywhere else including the munitions for those aircraft have more than enough corruption to make headlines and you still somehow mess up the reporting.

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