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People want answers on excess deaths – Sky News On The Hour with Senator Rennick 22.11.22

Yesterday I spoke to Sky news about excess deaths.
All cause mortality is the gold standard indicator when it comes the safety of the vaccines.
No ifs no buts.
You would think the media would want to investigate wouldn’t you?
To pretend excess deaths is not sending an alarming signal about the safety of the vaccines is just obfuscation plain and simple.

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  1. Keep going senator Renick all over the world excess deaths are occurring and are being reported based on their government statistics for months now, this is not a secret its not a conspiracy theory these are facts based on government data. Its like you re the 1st person to question it like its a big surprise. I cannot get over how heads in the sand we can be in Australia

  2. Many want and need to be told its climate change and asthma thats causing these deaths in young, previously healthy people.
    The same folk dont care that many deaths now are due to the removal of health services to tens of thousands of already ill people, simply because they themselves didnt die WITH covid.???
    Fear and self preservation is a stong human trait, in some.

  3. Wait, so the doctor has to tick a box that says "suspected". Is there another box that says "definitely" for them to tick, or is "suspected" the only choice they have to get an investigation started? It almost seems like it was worded that way intentionally to give the TGA more room to deny any potential link. And what criteria do they use during the investigation to rule out the jab being the cause? Are there more criteria that aid in ruling out the jab than confirming it was? Call me a nut job, but it's like this was intentionally designed to skew the data in favour of the jab, no matter the evidence that health practitioners bring to the table.

  4. What a great guy! Well done Senator Rennick! I can't believe the pushback you are getting from this Tom on NewsDay, Sky News. Why isn't he listening? He should have been horrified at the figures Senator Rennick is giving him. He is determined to rubbish it. What an uphill battle the good folk have. Please keep trying Senator Rennick and don't become disheartened.

  5. If the TGA's process is so robust, why aren't their assessments for those 944 reported deaths publicly available? Or the 14 that they claim were caused by the experimental treatments?
    And why are those experimental treatments, the ones that caused at least 14 deaths, still provisionally approved by the infallible TGA? 💰and ego.


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Comparison of Excess Deaths in Australia and Other OECD Countries

Comparison of Excess Deaths in Australia and Other OECD Countries