Peter Zeihan – It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Chinese Spy Balloon…

Unfortunately for the Chinese, their balloon didn’t make it in time for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…however, it’s made a much bigger splash than the rest of this year’s balloons.

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  1. Well, I don't think US China relations are the coldest they have "ever" been. An amusing manifestation of this is Mad Magazine. In the 1960s they portrayed China as "the great big empty spot". We had no relations with mainland China. In fact, when Nixon decided to establish relations with China of the CCP, he had to enlist Pakistan to make the contacts. And this had to be done secretly.

    As for the problems within the Chinese (actually CCP) bureaucracy, I have seen speculation that this whole incident was fomented by factions within the Chinese military. There are factions within the CCP, and with, as you point out, Xi's failures these factions are becoming more active and bolder.

    This might be the beginning of the end of Xi and perhaps the CCP. Xi has clearly lost the "mandate of heaven".

  2. Mr. Zeihan, needless to say, more folks every week [?] are tuning in to your content. Great. May I ask you a favour? Please adjust your orating style by eliminating the sound of "umm" and "ahh" during your monologue. This is a common practice with presentation over the years. When we need to pause during a presentation; there will be moments of silence. That is OK. No need to panic. I used to offer the "umms" and "ahhhs" during my presentations. Until one day, 1978, Grade 10, after the class had to offer individual narratives to the class. The teacher explained when we stand up publicly to deliver a narrative, we feel assume we have to feel the "dead space of silence" with a sound. Hence the "ummm" and "ahhh." He offered, it is ok to pause to take a breath, and gather our thoughts. This post was longer than I wanted it to be. Simply attempting to offer guidance to anyone. Thank you, again, Mr. Zeihan for all your content.

  3. I do not see what China really lost, unless there is some great value that can be salvaged from the wreckage. It's not as if China is going to lose one Western business or one US dollar as a result. Let alone will the US go to war over it. You might call this Xi Jinping's stupidity. I call it China's indifference to the United States' anger.

  4. BTW, China is playing now claiming that US is doing balloon surveillance too.

    Earlier, they were claiming that this was a civilian weather balloon. The narrative has changed.

    Clearly they are anticipating that evidence will show they these are not weather balloons, and therefore are preparing for huge diplomatic blowback.

  5. Let me present another possibility:

    The Chinese want to invade Taiwan, but in doing so they know that they will incur the wrath of the U.S. Military. At the same time, they are rumored to have developed a super EMP that would take out major cities if not states electrical grids. So right now they are simply seeing how far these delivery vehicles can make it into US space before they are discovered. And should the U.S. come to Taiwan's aid they can then launch a few of these over the east and west coasts that would effectively keep our military busy dealing with a panicking population instead of conquering land they believe to be theirs!

  6. I generally find what you say reasonable but your take on this is B.S. If this balloon incident happened several times during the Trump administration like the media claim then your narrative makes no sense because Xi hadn't consolidated his power until sometime during the Biden administration yet these balloons were being flown back then. If only you had confirmed that these balloons were flying during the Trump administration then you would have realized your narrative about the reasons for this happening and the response from China due to Xi isolating himself with yes-men is bunk. Apparently, China has been doing this for years. More questions than answers.

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