Pierre Poilievre on Tamara Lich and the Freedom Convoy

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  1. Right. Govnt good guys (so zero accountability)…truckers bad guys, throw away the keys on their ruined lives, and sweep their correct commentary under the rug!. Cost? Govnt officials etc get well paid, while robbing truckers of their moneys and dignity. As I said from the beginning! NO ONE HAS LEARNED A THING, nor cares to. Truly pathetic theatre

  2. Basically, TURDeau fully intends to use the EA again and again and again. Anyone who does dares NOT honor him, vote for him, applaud him, and/or agree with all of his corruptions by shoving their heads up his butt in complete agreement like Singh has done… they will be jailed as terrorists and have ALL of their assets removed. Welcome to communist Canada under TURDeau and the corrupt liberal/NDP's while the police enforcements, courts and government officials stand by and watch.

  3. Pierre Poilievre, by his answers, shows that he really doesn't understand the Freedom Convoy. He doesn't realize that the mandate for cross border truckers was just the breaking point of two years of government overreach. It was against all the mandates. And the protest was not only peaceful, it was peace making, uniting Canadians from across the country, East and West, French and English, and all tribes of every colour. The Freedom Convoy brought hope to millions of Canadians and millions of good decent people around the world. Poilievre is trying to take a middle of the road approach when he should be 100% behind the freedom movement.

  4. I like Pierre but I think that truckers without their trucks would not have been an efficient protest. Even a peaceful protest must disturb so that it noticed and heard. During the inquiry, Trudeau said of the truckers that they wanted to be obeyed. And yet, what does a Prime Minister want when he's threatening his population with loss of jobs, no air travel, no restaurant access and labeling his fellow citizens? Blind obedience! We are not stupid.

  5. he will never by Prime Minister and this is only one reason. He supported terrorists, he supported them while they terrorized the local population that he is supposed to represent! so he cares zero for his constituents, he cared zero that they were harassed, cared zero that they were abused and lived in fear for three weeks. then you get to covid and he would have done zero to protect the vulnerable as they are not on the list of whom he would care about. Reality is the mandates were all provincial other than border and the CONS were the ones that kept going on about protecting the border. The US has the same mandate so he is simply lying to you in this video and everytime he speaks. He would not of cared for any Canadians during this pandemic we would have been left to die, to freeze, to have hunger as he would never financially support Canadians in a time like that! They sleep in trucks all the time, this guy is just an idiot!

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