Plot Twist: Ex-FBI Agent Involved in Trump-Russia Probe ARRESTED For Violating Russia Sanctions

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  1. Hey , Roman. You would have to be a complete moron to think no one is in the take,for instance cartels south of the border they stop some things from happening but where are the arrested people that are already here, I've haven't heard anything about drug raids or human trafficking bust's since Biden took office, Chinese do payout alot to so many people, what's going on with the so called Chinese police in New York city do they have the same authority as USA police just so many questions and no answers,my original question about Biden has never been answered, question again what are the specific qualifications to be president a natural born citizen, mental an physical ability to exercise job ,but where is Biden s pre medical examine before taking oath.
    I can't find it anywhere if there is no physical examination before oath from supreme justice Roberts,thus Biden hasn't met the basic requirements for office,thus he has voided his job requirements,an Kamala didn't even get not one electoral vote but pence had a lot,so how was Kamala swear in when clearly Mike pence won the vote, remember just because a president is of one political party doesn't mean both president an vice president have to be from same party, remember Lincoln was the first republican president but his vice president was a democrat .checks an balance ,with all this misdirection of events ,even you have been thrown out into other stories.
    If no one asks no one remembers an then no one cares!!!!!!!

  2. An how monies are being moved around an no one has noticed yet an most never will, this is how funds are being moved around ,there are three companies,that don't have to follow nor are regulated by u.s.treasury or an other agency.
    The companies are t-chek, comdata, efs .
    These companies are mainly used in trucking an transportation companies, companies open a international banking account or escrow,these companies are from Canada and Germany with underwriter from Switzerland/caman island's so back these institutions,comdata is used for fueling, repairs,payout(paycheck) etc,they are coded using numbers &letters joint with amounts. No name needed can be cashed any where almost like AMEX checks with less issues,they never expire nor do you need identity verification, it's a commercial/business escrow ghost funds . Meaning if you have express code an amount,then you can keep it anywhere an cash it can add express codes to another or split into many other denomination,so if you have a $10,000.00 express code you call company like comdata give code to agent demand smaller amounts split it 2,3,4,5 different amounts get new codes ,then you can go to any bank or currency's exchange/check cashing ,or to any casino ,or at a truck fueling location an convert code into cash an no one would be the wiser. All under the radar of those in power ,irs, FTC, FBI etc.
    Or the courts ,these agencies that do this service uncontrolled or regulated by any governmental service invisible to the visible systems.under the radar in plain sight an no one is the wiser…

Velma Hates Everyone

Velma Hates Everyone

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