Poland Turns Against Ukraine War!

Since the beginning of the Ukraine War, Poland has been a staunch ally of its neighbor to the south, taking in throngs of Ukrainian refugees, providing diplomatic cover and supplyiing military hardware to the war effort. But now that’s all changed. Polish President Andrzej Duda made a public statement comparing Ukraine to a “drowning person clinging to anything available” and announcing that no further weaponry will be forthcoming.

Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss what this Polish about face will mean for the the rapidly spiraling case of what remains of the Ukrainian nation.

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  1. You have to understand that most of the European puppet governments are on bad stands with their particular nations and average Polish people are quite upset with the direction their government is leading their country (very much the same as other European nations, while most of these nations are not that much nazis like their leaders are) and there are upcoming elections in Poland and this is why their narrative slightly changed, but it is just to fool the Poles.

  2. What the Banderites (Ukrainian soldiers) did in Poland during ww2 was so sickening that even the German Nazis were shocked. I'm surprised that Poland gave the support it has. Also, the Russians did not "liberate" Poland. The while country literally disappeared for a period of time. The Russians were brutal.

  3. Poland vociferously supported Ukraine at the start of the war NOT because they were told by the US but because supporting it aligned with Poland’s interest. Now they are pulling back NOT because anyone is telling them to or there is an election coming up, but because they’ve cleared all their inventory back log of old Soviet munitions and Poland is arming itself. You both really are ignorant in this clip.

  4. That’s right dude, every single killing camp the nazis setup are ALL in Poland. There wasn’t room in Germany, plus they didn’t want their own citizens privy to what they were doing so yeah, a lot of their gas camps and killing camps are all in Poland, and I believe it was the USSR who first pushed back the Germans and liberated the killing camps, they pushed southwest through into Poland and liberated Poland from the nazis. Now, that’s not to paint the USSR in a good light, because remember 20 years before they did that? They systematically starved the entirety of ukraine and kept them bound within their borders with a passport system and robbed them of their food, the holodomor. That’s where those posters come from in Ukrainian that reads “remember it’s unethical to eat your children.” So the history is SO SO SO murky, there’s good and bad, nuance most importantly that seems to be lost through a lot of this which is unfortunate.

  5. War, huh, yeah
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  6. I wish you didn't have to be a celebrity or someone famous for the media to call out corruption against them… I have nothing against Brand but it sucks that my wife can be wrongfully, unethically, and illegally targeted by the lRS for "making too much money without a GED or HSD"… our lives have been a living hell and the Texas Supreme Court has been helping the lRS commit crimes against us.. no matter how much proof we have, nobody wants to help because it's the lRS…. if this case was taken public, it could be used to hold these domestic terrorists accountable. Unfortunately, you have to be a celebrity/famous, or do something drastic.


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