Poland verges on total COLLAPSE, gov’t caught hiding the TRUTH from Polish people | Redacted News

Could Poland collapse under an immigration crisis caused by the war in Ukraine? We speak to independent journalist Derek Monroe about how Poland can sustain the influx of people and the proximity to war. Or can it?

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Written by Redacted

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  1. Naah what do you mean by attacking civilian infrastructure ? ….When NATO bombed my country for 78 days straight schools hospitals bridges tv stations water electric plants trains oops the Chinese embassy trains loaded with people that was okay ?? ….EFF OFF !!!…. The standard NATO has set for decades of the wars its waged nothing that Russia does in Ukraine is closely comparable !!!

  2. The bad guy already won. We see stuff that don’t make sense. And talk about with understanding we wouldn’t do anything. social media is what’s keeping us down. We had stronger men/people before they could rally the world. We can talk to the world and are at are weakest. You know how hard it is to talk why’ll fighting think about it.

  3. I am Polish, my grandfather graduated from Lwow University. I know how horrible Ukrainians were to Polish people during WWII. they brutally killed almost 200K poles between 1942-43. Ukrainian killed my Great-grandfather. They are not nice people. They hate Poles. They are just hate them. Just before the start of the wat Ukraine stop the all transit of Polish trucks and trains through Ukraine . They also forbid to teach in Polish language in Polish schools , so math , history , science has to be thought in Ukrainian. They did the same to Bulgarians and Hungarians that live there for 400 yers. Ukrainians are nazis. There is a globalist plan for Ukraine and the don't know it yet.

  4. President of Poland has Jewish roots , his wife is Jewish. head of ruling party is Jew so they are fiting for Ukraine with Americans because there was a plan to create "heavenly Jerusalem" on Ukrainian territory and move Israel there. I think that they din't give up on it. Ukrainians don't know it yet that they might face the same treatment as Palestinians are facing now. Maybe that is the reason why Zelensky wants to fight to the "last Ukrainian" so Jews will not have problem with Ukrainian .

  5. These monkeys are blissfully ignorant of history and geography.
    1. Russia fears Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, And France because they all invaded at various times.
    2. Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are all considered critical to Russian security because each one represents an invasion trackway.
    3. The history between those countries and Ukraine with Russia, is a horror show. The Kremlin kept sway over them and stole their resources, leaving the countries destitute. That i


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