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Police Commissioner BLASTED over Rebel News payout and apology

I called into Melbourne radio station 3AW today to respond to a bizarre on-air claim by Victorian Police Commissioner Shane Patton. LISTEN TO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT & SHARE THE FULL STORY:


Rebel News:

Written by Avi Yemini

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  1. So basically Police will continue to do the elected peoples bidding even if it goes against human rights. These are not Police officers anymore, they are just hired thugs. Long gone are the time where police was there to serve and protect the peoples. Now they serve and protect the elites.

  2. Right wing, these passive corporate media people call everyone outside of their corrupted system ‘right wing’ extremists, what a joke. I’d call Avi a people’s person, one who fights and reports on the rights of everyday people but the facts are the globalists don’t want us to have rights and they own the media. Neil Mitchell is just a convenient idiot and lap dog for the fascists who own his station.

  3. So he isn't advocating for Avi and the abuse that a journalist doing their job recieved but more worried about the payouts? The whole premise of the payouts is bc of the violation of peoples rights and the tyrannical Gestapo like tactics that were used to silence legitimate protests. This reporter needs to go out and experience it first hand and not preach from behind his cozy desk and treat a fellow journalist with respect…. but ahh… he is a reporter for the 'right wing' Rebel news so shouldn't be listened to.

  4. This should not come out of public funds. The offending officer and their bosses should be sacked. All the future "vaccine" compensation should come out of the pollies and medical advisor personal funds and not the public purse. We were not the ones who lied and forced this hot shot onto ppl.. Maybe if these ppl paid consequences they wouldn't lie so much.

  5. Believe me, next time there is an event like the "covid farce"(and there will be) where the police want to arrest people wrongfully to control the situation and prevent alternative narratives becoming public, narratives that go against the filthy government narrative, they will do so. It is a modus operandi of how unethical policing works. They don't care if they have to pay out millions in compensation later on after the event is over. The millions don't come out of their pocket it comes out of the public pocket and that is no skin off their nose. Shamefully illegal and totally unprofessional on the part of a police force. Proves they are just a bunch of thugs in a uniform.

  6. If ANYONE is f**king stupid enough to think Avi would want all this (with mutual agreement of the police) "confidential" then god help us lol … Love how this moron on 3AW still 'fixates' on Avi being a 'right wing fringe reporter'… How about we call all the journos 'mainstream narrative pusher puppets' or 'far left extremists'. Seems like NEWS reporters by default now are "LEFT" bias hence why we have to point out ANYONE whose remotely left leaning.

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