Politicians Refuse to Hire Back Unvaccinated Nurses Despite Broken Healthcare

The Covid Pandemic is over, but because of the insane rhetoric of the political class over the past few years, they would rather save face than save lives. Unvaccinated nurses and practitioners are still out terminated in our country while the healthcare system is struggling to fill staffing requirements.

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  1. I am 67 years old. I live in BC. I am afraid that if I get sick there will be no nurses to provide care. In my opinion government is a elected to take care of all of the people. At the moment they are digging in to further their own mandates. If the unvaccinated can wonder around without masks, mingling with people on a daily basis, why can’t nurses go back to work saving lives. I am not more likely to get sick being around unvaccinated than vaccinated,but I might die in emergency waiting for care. Government is out of control. Time to reel them in and take back our personal power.

  2. Please don't forget Christina whatever freelancer is putting 2 billion dollars in a company that doesn't exist to save us all from climate change, let's be honest it's the worst the in the poorest parts of the planet, but here we are in Canada were people are dieing of a shitty health care system will be saved from fake climate change here in Canada

  3. Let's not forget the billions of dollars Trudeau lost, just like Jean Chretien oops I have no idea where all that money went too, could be put into our hospitals and school systems but let's all be OK with continuing to get dogged in the butt by the governemnt who runs our life's.

  4. I loved BC!! I AM A SENIOR, an RN for 50, get it????
    …..50 years!!
    Did hospital general duty for 30+ years, worked 15 years in Canada's NWT/NU, retired now! Retired to beautiful BC, in fact!!!!! But I will never go back to BC! If they can go this far with lack of respect, How far CAN they go????
    I DO NOT want to chance it!! Fare thee well, BC'ers.
    I will watch and send prayers for that Canadian Province…

  5. Several people I know who had to go to one of the majour Hospitals on Southern Vancouver Island describe it as a sh*tshow in there. No confidence in the care they or their family member has received. But be rest assured the likes of Bonnie and Eby will get the best of care and will go to the front of the que

  6. Everyone should be supporting freedom to make your own health choice whether you took the jab or did not. One size does not fit all. The truckers along with many Canadians both vaccinated and unvaccinated fought for freedom to choose. I know of people with 4 jabs being admitted to the hospital with a fracture and then getting Covid in the hospital. We know the jab does not prevent infection nor does it stop the spread. Our health professionals whether jabbed or not need to stand for freedom to choose.

  7. The West is broken…Westerners are discombobulated…Western Culture is now up for grabs…and we're being dismantled and destroyed by our enemies. Who are our enemies. Well, are we a Christianized Civilized Culture…or are we Paganized Tribal Culture…or we a Atheist Communist Style Culture? Keeping in mind that no earthly, worldly, mortal humans culture (or human) perfect…so???

    Christianized "love your enemy" "there, but, for God's grace, go I" "do good to your neighbor" Civilized "rule of law decides life and death" Culture? Paganized "let's placate our gods so we can prosper" Tribalized "The Tribal Chief makes life and death decisions" Culture?Atheistic "God's not the boss of me..I am!" Communist "Our Dear Leader makes life and death decisions" Culture?

    Don't misunderstand…there is much truth, wisdom and compassion in every existing culture…BUT…to my mind, I'm always less concerned about the individual and more concerned about collective beliefs (culture, religion, philosophy). In some cultures outside of the Bible there are many, what I call, Truth Seekers. These aren't merely Free Thinkers whose minds are often so open their brains fall out. No. I speak of Truth Seekers who try to find the Source of Truth and Compassion even with out knowing the name of Whom it is they seek AND with no road map to get there (Bible)! I suspect Buddha was one, who in the end met Jesus, but, his followers, who have settled on Buddha, given up running their own race to find God, well, few there are who shall meet Jesus, not unless they shake off their sloth and self righteousness and start seeking the Source of Truth…as did Buddha.

    Bible Religion is also an enemy of the West. Romanism and Protestantism are both worldly and fleshly (anti Christ) institutions, to one degree or another, and they both have taken New Testament Christianity and regurgitated it as religion. Religion is always "We educated enlightened few must think for and direct you uneducated unenlightened many". No matter their beliefs, if they believe that…they're religious. Frankly, our top politicians, government officials and civil servants are highly religious these days!

    This is why I am not religious…I am, instead, a New Testament Follower of Jesus. Religionists are inclined to use Jesus to further their own aims. Whereas, Followers of Jesus do not use Jesus…instead, they ask Him how He can best use them! They worship Jesus "in Spirit and Truth" and not with flesh-pleading pomp and ceremony, rules, rituals and man-pleasing traditions….which the Religionists call "keeping order" and any Christian who doesn't agree is viewed as, politely, "too heavenly minded to be of any earthly use" and less politely as a "rogue Christian" and that's typically followed up with "judgmental" and "holier than thou" …all designed, just like Paganism and Atheism, to try and disarm or dismantle the pursuit of Jesus Christ. The enemies of Christ are less concerned about religion…too many "dead men walking" sitting on those pews…so no need to go after them just yet.

    Atheism (Marxist Communists? Fascism? Nazism? )?
    Paganism (Islamism? Hinduism? Voodooism? Mormonism? )
    Bible Religion ( Romanism? Protestantism? Jehovah Witnesses?)
    New Testament "I need God's help or I might as well be dead" Christians?

    Which future are you wanting for yourself and your loved ones? How do you view culture?

    I know where I'm destined…even if to get there I must run a gauntlet of enemies like Atheism, Paganism and Bible Religions, all of whom literally hate freedom for the masses. Why? Their Luciferian Egos believe the "ignorant masses" must be well supervised and our "looking for Truth" is a "big no no", at least, not without the Elite's approval…that all never be given. This is why there is going to be a New World Global Religion, most likely a "cough mix" of Paganism and Atheism to include a 'jab' of Bible Religion. A poisoned cake with some tempting icing….if you don't know better it shall, in this crazy insane new culture might be too tempting to resist. Besides, refusing could mean fines, prison or worse. That's what they've already decided!

    THEY are the ones who have no problem ordering or supporting chaotic, hysterical, inhumane directives "for the good of the people!"

    Well, in the past, those directives killed by slow starvation millions of their own people through ludicrous agricultural directives and, equally, from enforcing unwanted and often inhumane medical intrusions, as well as trying to make common sense people believe things (foreign to truth or evidence) such as "men are women" and "it's wonderful that men (who put their pee pee I to other men's bum bums) want to marry another man!" and "drag queen family hours is great fun" and such-like…

    Notice how most of those types of things benefit Filthy Immoral Men and can harm decent straight men, compassionate women and innocent children?

    Never forget…Lucifer wants only to deceive, corrupt, demoralize, debauch, deviate, enslave or destroy human kind. Nothing more. Nothing les. To do this he uses Demons and Demented Humans (otherwise known as Luciferians, Satanists, etc). They all use Lucifer's "dogs of war" (notably Paganism and Atheism), but, they'll use any weapon handy from Media and Educational Indoctrination, Entertainment Propaganda, Government "overreach", Military War Machine, Abortion Clinics, and so much more.

    WE ARE AT WAR…but, it's not about Left vs Right, Women vs Men, Black vs White, Age vs Youth, it's not even about Religion vs Humanism…it's about Good vs Bad, Decent vs Indecent, Kindness vs Cruelty, Greed and Selfishness vs Charity and Unselfishness, and so forth. Ultimately, It's about Jesus vs Lucifer. It's about Holy God giving Adam and Eve 6000 years to find their way back to their Creator through Salvation and, ideally, to do so knowing about Jesus, God's Only Begotten Son, Divine and Sovereign and, ideally, by following only the King of kings (rulers) Jesus the Christ.

    Please…we need to take a stand against evil…and God allows anything from military force, civil protection of borders, compassionate but stringent immigration…right up to being only a bible studying Prayer Warrior. Decide what you want to do and do it. As an older sick person, I can't do everything, but, I can pray, donate, write, speak, paint and extend supportive hospitality to the other warriors. That much I can do and that much in will do.But, if all I could do is pray…I'd get me a calendar appointment book and write in all the people and issues as if they're proper appts with Jesus. They are!

    He's waiting for you! Talk to Him…and when you meet Him…Jesus will see you through any type of "Hell on earth" and than take you home on the other side of mortal life.

    Don't just believe in Jesus…TRUST him.

  8. Hey Clyde. One amazing thing of note you are likely not aware of here regarding the Ontario Nurses lawsuit :

    They successfully challenged the mask mandate for nurses – as you mentioned – based on expert testimony. That testimony noted there was no real evidence that masks provided benefits to patients or nurses. The key expert testimony about masks in that case was from none other than Bonnie Henry! I kid you not.

    People can go look at the court documents which are public record and see for themselves. How she can get up in front of the public and flatly contradict the things she said op under oath in court is beyond me. It’s shameless.

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