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Pop Goes The Property Investor…

Many property investors are choosing to leave the field, leading to a rise in the number of ex-investment property being listed for sale. There are many reasons why this is occurring, and we explore some of them today.

But in short, the marginal costs of borrowing on a rental mortgage have risen far faster than the rental income. And given the limited prospects of capital gains, and the removal of some offsetting perks from a tax perspective, investors are exercising their rights to quit. Another reason why rental supply is so limited, and a sign again of how broken the system is.

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  1. Do property investors burn the property when they sell? An investor leaving the market doesn't mean there's one less unit in the market as a whole, if an OO moves in it's one less renter in the market.
    I can understand this argument for investors entering the market with a new build, but for existing properties it doesn't add up.

  2. Since the rules were changed in around 1997, ie. compulsory super and half of capital gain tax, a majority of investment properties are held by big super funds and the little SMSF. Coupled with ever reducing interest rates, has driven house prices to the moon. We have to protect the property market or face the ruin of our retirement. We have to keep on inflating property prices. There is no return.

  3. My opinion is house prices will come down a bit, inflation will rise, so over time they will even out and we be off to the race's again.
    We must keep inflating or the fiat money system dies.
    The government will help with pay increases by providing government employees pay rises and the rest will follow.
    Expect higher inflation for longer and lower house prices for a while.

  4. How true Martin, love your honest viewpoints. It’s unconscionable that the government is increasing migration knowing fully that they won’t be able to find housing to live in when they arrive. The government seems to be putting their head in the sand and are not reading the conditions that ordinary citizens of australia are experiencing in the rental/housing market. The Australian rental market has become similar to ‘the hunger games’. I think there should be a royal commission into the housing crisis, rental market and short term rental such as airbnb, and migration intake. There are so many Airbnb homes that sit vacant for months on end. It is shameful of the government past and present. Australian citizens should not have to live in fear of not being able to have the basics of having a roof over their heads. The basics in human needs food and shelter, citizens are missing out on both of these at the moment. Thanks again for your great content Martin.

  5. It all depends…. Agree you talking about recent property purchases by investors or those that got in before all the 'crises' started or a mix of both?
    I know that i am Cashflow positive with my 3 investment properties but i had interest only on the first two für five years.. you don't seem to give the full picture and just point out negatives.

  6. What amazes/sickens/saddens me, is that politicians are surrounded by overpaid taxpayer funded idiots in treasury and they can't even add 1+1. Simple equation: building industry currently operating at full capacity (approx 190,00 dwellings p.a ) and just meeting demand. But wise Gov't thinks they can plug a hole (that they created) by increasing immigration by 500K. Average Aussie household = 2.4 persons, but less say 4 for the immigrants; that's an additional 125,000 dwellings or 165% of current production. Wow, sharp people we have leading this country.

  7. The rising interest rates can hurt investors, but they just pass the rate rises onto the renters. And no one is mentioning that the far-left Labour party in September 2022 raised the immigration cap to a record high of 195,000 people. Where are we going to put those immigrants? Especially as the house builders are going bust. Plus the commercial market will implode as office spaces remain empty.

  8. But if people stop investing in Real Estate the government won't be able to Tweek the economy and stimulate employment with it. My god they may even have to invent new ways to get votes, like investing in things that help everyone like infrastructure.

  9. The liberal government completely stuffed the economy and now Albasleeze is going to totally fuck it. Wake up sheeple there’s no difference they want total control over everybody. Why would you have record immigration when we don’t have enough housing supply record rents and major building companies going into receivership. Think about it, mind boggling.

  10. Goverment medling via greedy increasing taxation at every level, increasing code compliance driven by the climate scare scam will continue to drive up rental costs. Many people just need a simple, clean place to live, they don't need a zero emmisions home spec'd to account for every possible black swan event.

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