Posie Parker: Why won’t the mob let women like me speak? | SpectatorTV

Posie Parker joins James Heale on Spectator TV to discuss her tour down under. She was due to speak in Wellington, New Zealand, but had to pull out after thousands of pro-trans protesters turned up.

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  1. that the entire "woke" movement is emotionally immature may be seen in how frames EVERY question it puts

    you either love them and fuly agree with them on EVERY point

    or you are a bigot who hates them and that entitles them, so they think, to attack you in any way they can

    this is indeed the petulance of the two year old's tantrum, such tantrums made more dangerous through being done by adults

  2. It amazes me that after a long struggle by women to get equal rights and respect for their gender, they are now, without hesitation, handing their gender over to men who masquerade as women and will even assist them in doing so.
    And now, they are sacrificing their children to these sick minds.

  3. As a citizen of the ''down-under'' country in question, Poser-Parker was always going to be rejected. To begin with, NZ women have had the legal right to vote since 1893. Moreover, the feminist movement, which was established in 1896, has ensured policies supportive of women and children were and still are adopted into law. Poser's platform against trans-gender folk was and still is considered hateful bigotry towards a small population of very vulnerable people.

  4. Mother's have a duty to protect their children in public toilets. There is no way that can not be the case. All mothers in nature fiercely protect their children.
    We can't read minds, that 6ft tall person with the long hair or wig who looks like they could be a male but says they identify as a woman is not "verifyable" to a mother protecting her children in a public toilet.

    It's ridiculous to expect women to read the minds, visual is all they can base their safe or not assessment on. His, hers. And Che, toilets are the only solution.
    Australian people have had it so good they are off in La La land as this Authoritarianism of politics occurs. So far off in La La Land they failed to question or do their own in depth research into the safety of a vaccine just because they were told by authorities what to do

  5. So many of us here in New Zealand are deeply ashamed about what happened to Kelley-Jay. Our country has been going down the shitter ever since 2017 when, despite garnering far fewer votes than the National Party, Jacinda Ardern was allowed to form a government by cobbling together the votes of The Greens and a bunch of other glorified pressure groups that can call themselves "parties" under the proportional representation system we have. Winston Peters, leader of New Zealand First, who had apparently been channeling Donald Trump during the '17 campaign, played his role as King-maker . . . again. I had been warning friends, "He's just saying what you want to hear, he'll sell to the highest bidder". I wish I hadn't been right but I was (he's doing it again right now before the election in October and people are falling for it . . . again) and so Jacinda Ardern, who had been leader of her Labour Party for all of five minutes, became Prime Minister.

    THE PROBLEM IN NEW ZEALAND IS THE MEDIA. If our media were worth more than a piece of whitening dogshit in a gutter, there would have been howls of outrage and this blatant theft of power would not have occurred. Technically, for reasons I can't even guess at, it's not illegal but it goes against every convention and every norm of Western style politics as well as the obvious will of the People. Isn't that the purpose of elections? I can't be arsed looking up the old stats but it wasn't close – Labour lost badly. Unfortunately, our media are all far more concerned about being loved than doing their jobs while our politicians are nearly all far more concerned about future job opportunities, mostly overseas.

    Woke race and gender policies such as those that gave preference to Maori for vaccinations and other healthcare, that allow gender and race ideology to be taught in high schools and intermediate schools AS FACT, that hand over control of local water supplies from Councils to (often very corrupt and always un-elected) tribal authorities and most dangerous of all, "co-governance" that deliberately mis-translates the Treaty of Waitangi so that no Parliamentary legislation could be passed without tribal say-so are some of the ones that actually made The News, always totally one-sided, always demonising anyone who even questions, much less, objects. Then, there are the many, many other authoritarian, anti-democratic and anti-liberal laws that have been rammed through Parliament during the "pandemic" and remain there in perpetuity.

    I would love to be able to tell you about the brave Opposition parties, doing their best to stop the systematic demolition of once and-not-so-long-ago pretty bloody great country but I can't. The National Party have stumbled, shuddered, retreated, flip-flopped and doesn't seem to know wtf it wants to do. It's obvious they're terrified of the media and everything they say or do is so carefully produced and managed so as not offend that it's a wonder they even bother. The ACT Party is better but the media have most people convinced they're ardent racists who want to hang gays and trannies from lamp posts. There's New Conservative and now DemocracyNZ but the media have already done hatchet jobs on the former (white supremacists who will force women back to the kitchen, euthanise gays . . . the usual horseshit) that they can't even make the 5% necessary to gain a single seat. As for the latter, they'll do exactly the same, probably with a manufactured financial or sex "scandal" that will be a lie but no one will ever make an effort to correct it. Ditto any blogger or personality who doesn't snap to attention when some pierce-faced, pink-bearded, fishnet wearing "anarcho-communist" (work that one out when you've got a month with nothing to do) calls them a rude name.

    If you walk around pubs, coffee shops, town centres, you hardly ever see these degenerates but the media has everyone convinced that they are the bulk of the population and this what "everyone" thinks. Nearly everybody hates what's going on but the media rule. It's a small country – if they decide – as has happened on many occasions – to splash your face all over the tele and say you're a white supremacist, you might well be told you can't live in your flat anymore, or work at your job or be refused service in shops or even get the shit kicked out of you in the road. It's happened and is still happening.

    What we need, more than anything, is a Fox News or a GB News or SOMETHING other than the thrice daily indoctrination sessions that far, far too many New Zealanders think is at least mostly true. I do watch some Fox, Tucker, Gutfeld and although I like them, I'm not so dumb as to think that they're any kind of saints. As it is here though, we have NO counter narrative. It's just not allowed. Oh, there's no actual law against it but the media don't like competition.

    It was the NZ media who told so many Kiwis that Posie Parker is a white supremacist who wants to kill trans people and must be stopped. It was they who told the thugs and brutes in badly applied lipstick that they were free to do whatever with no repercussions. The piece of shit who threw tomato juice all over Kelley-Jay has been given "New Zealander of the Year Award" by Kiwibank. I put the blame squarely on the media. Why do you think the cops were so utterly, shamefully useless? They're terrified of the media. I know it sounds crazy but that's the truth of it.

    Anyway, I've gone on FAR longer than I meant to. I doubt anyone will even read this but to anyone who does, you're considerably better informed about how and why my country went from a great little Western civilisation in the South Pacific to a rapidly declined as-near-as-may-be failed state within a very few years.

  6. MS Parker I am so angry at the way you and other women all over the world are being treated. This is the most ridiculous and insane thing I have ever ever seen or heard in my long life. I have no quarrel with the transgender community. I don't care what they do or how they dress. If they want to dress up like a woman, fine whatever. I'll even address you in the manner you have chosen. THAT is where the delusion will end. Men will Never, I want to make sure they understand my meaning, men will NEVER BE A WOMAN PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION. Women will NEVER BE MEN. You can dress however you please, act however you please but you will never be able to change your biology. The fact that less than 2% of the population have been allowed to harass, defame, attack women and expose themselves to children because they identify as, fill in the blank. This is unacceptable on every level. They have done the best they can to erase women who have worked their entire lives to be the best they can in their chosen sport. A man that can't hack it as amale swimmer suddenly decides he is transgender and takes the medals , trophies, and scholarships right out of their hands. If they want to compete , fine have a transgender class and they can compete with like individuals. They want to whine about how they are under threat of violence. They are not. But I believe if they keep this up and continue to treat people they way you were treated. It may be a self fulfilling prophecy. I hope not . God bless you Ms Parker for speaking up for women everywhere.

  7. Sexual identity does form very early. Its a very primal thing food water sex are very prima functions…they're not an intellectual persuit that develops with the frontaí cortex…it more than likely develop before a baby is actually born… so thats important to understand about humans and animals. It should not be taboo to discuss the science. Also they didn't commit acts of violence against women. They some of whom are cis women commited acts of violence against you personally Rosie. You. Maybe if everywhere you go everyone is against you maybe…just maybe youre the person in the wrong? Always worth having an open mind. Especially one that allows information into it despite your gutteral fears.

  8. John F. Kennedy said, "We are opposed by a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy…….". I have come to learn that that conspiracy's name is "The Committee of 300". Queen Elizabeth headed up the Committee of 300 in conjunction with Lord Jacob Rothschild. Those 2 along with Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton, Stephen Harper, Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Al Gore, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Alisdair Darling, David Cameron, Michael Bloomberg, Tony Blair, Tom Steyer, Paul Krugman, Robert Zoelick, Timothy Geithner, Susan Rice, Joseph Ratzinger, Giovanni Lajoto, Charles Bronfman, David Rockefeller Jr., Edgar Bronfman Jr., Jan DuPlessis, Max Warburg, Warren Buffet, Arlen Specter, Ed Balls, Jack Straw, Joe Lieberman, Nick Clegg, Olympia Snow, Shimon Peres, the Sultan of Brunei, George Soros, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain……and 260 others have pulled a global scam. These are the people pushing the Great Reset. If you want to know more go to the other platform that sounds like bitt shewt and watch the video "Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and the Committee of 300". Without these 300 people, the New World Order doesn't exist.

  9. Well you know folks eventually the time comes to stop complaining about how unfair and odd everything seems. There are laws. Protesters seem to have made their own rules, bully people and then dare women to even speak. I thought we got rid of that with women aining the right to vote. 🙂 these guys had a plan, they put it into action once they raised enough money, and enough "support" . And that's why it's not being covered by the mainstream media…. Can't let them have more time. The public needs to see this. If trans activists want to compete in trans women sports , let them do it in that category… a trans woman category. After that mind their own business. Unless this is an act of agression against the female gender…

  10. there are suddenly 2 genders/sexes … male (of whatever colour, pref. brownish) & trans-female … women & girls are now non-persons, ignored, shouted down, assaulted (because they seem to have less physical strength & agility than the 2 real genders) & fair game for any thug & bully around, no consequences 'I had a sad childhood' … laws will change to strip us of more rights & protection … hello Kabul!!!

  11. We should ALL be seriously concerned when a group of (real) women – advocating on behalf of (real) women, are threatened to the point of being in fear of their lives, while a male person, known as Dylan Mulvaney, a sickening parody of womanhood, gets paid serious money to dress up and cavort around like a little girl, gushing over handbags!!! Something is seriously wrong with our world and we should ALL be challenging – and rejecting – it.

  12. Take two islands. On Island A, we put 100 men and 100 women. On Island B we put 100 men and 100 trans women. Go back in 500 years, and on On Island A, you'll find life. On Island B, you'll find nothing but death. What's happening now is not normal! If it were, we would of failed as a species long ago.

  13. Posie Parker is correct when she speaks of how Covid allowed governments to easily control their population. She is also correct when she said nothing is the same. Here in the US I often say to friends "Is this still America? " There is a feeling of loss of free speech if that speech is not in line with the radical ideas that are being forced upon the American people. The trans movement is the loudest most authoritarian group gaining control over many politicians in the Democratic party. It is a frightening time and women must fight for their rights in women's sports, public places and the freedom to express that biological women must have these protections.

  14. I don't think feminist or feminism can acknowledge that the trans movement is their baby. And feminist are facing another similar reaction to natural order as theirs are to men , or indeed , themselves , true human equal respect. Need only look at the tender years doctrine to understand the ignorance of such people

  15. Make no mistake, this is an evil AGENDA bought with money!! The people in so called "authority" are bought and paid fior to push this ideology which will eventually lead to transhumanism. It has nothing to do with trans rights and when genuine trans people realise this, that they are being used, they too will rise up!

    If ever there was a time for ALL WOMEN to stand their ground and fight this evil it is now. They are going after our children, thats the line they should never have crossed!
    We have all got to find the courage of the Posie's of this World and thank God for them.

  16. Anyone who doesn't now the difference between A man & a women are extremely sick freeks, anyone can cut things off, & dress up as much as they want, you can have sex with who you want, there are still only two genders a man & a women end of! !Strong real women of this world must unite against this satanic evil!

  17. For me personally, being a law abiding, straight, white male, I see the 'Trans' movement, as having allowed itself, to be infiltrated by the usual deviant Biological men, who in their every day lives, often it seems, turn out to be wife beating, rapists, paedophiles and perverts, who ordinarily will be on Twitter, sending their vile Tweets to JK Rowlings etc.
    Emboldened and encouraged by politicians, these cranks are pursuing a warped narrative, while enjoying their new found nortoriety.
    Weak, deviant men, who despite CCTV etc will go out of their way to cause anger, fear and upset.
    The 'Trans' movement has got into bed with the Devil, something they will hopefully regret and our law makers will empower the police to perform their duties and protect Biological Women & Girls, speaking up & exercising their democratic rights.

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