POSSIBILITIES FOR PEACE: Jeffrey Sachs on the Ukraine War and Hope for Negotiations | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Ohhhhhh.. Burns was Ambassador to Russia, huh? That means he knows our govt is lyIng about this war and he knows we pushed Putin into Ukraine, and that Ukraine has never been beating Russia at any point in the last 1 1/2 years, and he knows we're headed for a nuclear war that'll get the American people vaporized.. So why isnt he doing something to make peace with Putin and save us from Armageddon? Mr Burns, where you at? We need somebody in our government to be on our side. Talk to me.

  2. Prof Sachs, you are suggesting appeasement and we all know where such a strategy will lead. You assume that as soon as joining NATO ruled out for Ukraine, Putin will stop the invasion. Putin and most Russians believe that Ukraine (except Western regions) is Russian land and Russia has historical righgs to take it "back".

  3. Glenn, everything started to 'go-wrong' (fall apart) in the US when JFK was assassinated. From there, we all became victims of a 60+ year long coup de eta by the n AZ.i established party with Prescott Bush as the ringleader in the US.
    That's how two 'idiot' members of the Bush family, a son and a grandson could be given the keys to the Oval Office and destroy our government of WTP.

    What are the chances of that happening if we had a fair, transparent and legit polling and voting system out of a reservoir of over a few million statesman-like, potential Presidential candidates? WTP have been taken for a long ride. And that ride is coming to an end as I write this especially with the MSM evaporating before our eyes.

    The whole WW2 political paradigm has already come to a screeching halt while US political appointees are in denial. We still have Congress Persons believing that Communism is still a threat to our un-Democratic/Republic.
    Prescott Bush might have even been responsible for grooming Richard Nixon as our first unelected, 'virtual', selected president. This, while the power elite continue to give us all the finger.

    Of course, this is mostly conjecture on my part.

  4. Ten years ago Jeffrey sacks could be seen writing to scientific American monthly a new plan each month to spend billions of dollars on globalist causes. He is the last person we should be asking for an opinion, he is part of the epidemic of scientists entirely without scruple or accountability.

  5. What Sachs gets wrong is that Crimean annexation was not a cynical military acquisition but actually a reflection of Putin's Imperial ambitions that has always considered Crimea a sort of Russian holy land. Him and Glenn talk like the Russian government is a keen student of real politik and not a mess of ideologically motivated, and ideologically neutral self interested parties. Regardless of the expansion of NATO (which was probably a bad idea i accept), Russia was ALWAYS going to attack Ukraine or at least demand its submission.

  6. Crimea has been used as some form of misinformation since 2014.
    Apparently long before that….
    The British buried a half million Troops in Balaclava.

    The US assumes they can buy a Military Base in Sevastopol.
    Not only is the US out of money,
    as the Funding runs out again at the end of the Month,
    the Sevastopol Oblast was never given to Ukraine.

    The pathetic attempts of US blathering Bozos to distort that idea into a fact,
    they appear to mislead the Planet about all the improvements that Russia has created inside Ukraine since WW2.

    I am simply a Human who has viewed Eastern Europe for 30 years through the internet.
    I do not claim to be an expert.
    But the lies of the US State Department are clearly the voice of Oligarchs who dictate Policy.
    The US is not any form of Democracy.
    The Electoral Industry presents the Servants of the Wealthy to ask for the approval of the Voters.
    That is not the Citizen involvement that Democracy is intended to present.
    The lies of the Oligarchs are out of authentication as well as understanding.
    Yellow Cake anyone?

  7. Neoconlibs have this crackpot theory where they think they're going to create a 1980s Afghanistan style quagmire for the Russians and that this will weaken Putin's government and make regime change possible. That's why they're unconcerned with the duration of the war. The US doesn't believe it has any interest in peace. And of course it doesn't hurt that a protracted conflict means military industrial companies can expect windfall profits either. The only real risk to this policy is domestic support for it collapsing, but this is inevitable. The narrative neoconlibs are using to sell the war domestically falls apart instantly the moment American voters realize that the US could end the war at any time by negotiating a buffer state. It collapses when people realize this is war was unnecessary but was chosen by our policymakers.

  8. This could have been prevented by strong deterrent signaling as the Russian army signaled a potential invasion On and Off for 9 months. Such deterrence can feel like saber rattling but it actually has a stabilizing effect as long as it is proportional. The west failed to avert this.

  9. Even before the war the Ukrainian economy was crap.
    And now US taxpayers are fronting the bill to pay pensions in Ukraine so what economy is there, major industries have been destroyed, they can't even export grain, in the EU, several countries have banned imports. So what economy does Ukraine have? There a failed state now being supported by donations from countries whose their own economies are in trouble.

  10. I can't imagine Russia ever trusting a single word out of the US or NATO ever again. They would be fools to do so. And by Russia, I don't mean just the leadership, but the population at large. The resolution is not going to come from our "help" but from our stepping back and out of the way ~ i.e., not halting a peace agreement as we did in April 2022. And it will come from other countries letting the US and NATO know that interference and expansion will no longer be tolerated.

  11. I think people, even informed ones, should really stop bring up the idea that negotiations were always possible. This really is not the case. The zionist collective worst goals and objectives had nothing to do with negotiating anything with Russia, except possibly in bad faith, which is what they did every chance. The whole 'point' behind operation 'ukraine' was the opening shot in a war-that wasnt a war, between the zionist NATO bloc, and RussiaChinaBRICs. So what would the uS and its puppets 'negotiate' exactly? To do that, would amount to calling off the whole, lets conquer and divide the Russian Federation plan. The failure to 'negotiate' with Russia is a feature of uS policy, not a bug or some imagined shortcoming. I mean, both the uS and Joolenski have repeatedly said, no negotiations, except for ones on their terms. Which is funny, since it is the collective worst actually losing this conflict, but, that's how we roll in these parts.

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