PR spin and peace proposals. Medvedev to oversee military industry

PR spin and peace proposals. Medvedev to oversee military industry
The Duran: Episode 1469



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  1. Russia has ALWAYS, wanted stable, "normal", economic, political, scientific, and culture relations with pretty much…….everyone. That even includes the zionist-lead, uS glob, aka collective 'west'. All the uS, and its satraps have done in return, is talk out of both sides of their mouths, while actively attempting to undermine Russia (and other similar-minded nations) at every turn. The 'west' bloviates about peace and demockracy non-stop, while promoting war, terrorism, propaganda, suppression of free-speech in the 'homelands', and more besides. The ever diplomatic Russian people, now refer the uS, and its colonies, and not-agreement capable, and for good reason. I am, at least on paper, a "Canadian", and I wouldnt trust the regime in Ottawa, or langley, to honor any (important) signed agreements either.

  2. There was no state called Ukraine prior to dissolution of Soviet Union. The Ukrainian Socialistic Republic of Soviet Union was not Ukraine. Allowing Ukrainian nationalist to claim all of Ukrainian Socialistic Republic was a great mistake. The south east part of this republic was mostly Russian and they had no desire to be citizens of Ukraine, nobody asked them though.

    Despite of this, Ukraine could have been a viable state. Unfortunately Ukrainian nationalists wanted all the land preferably without the people inhabiting the land. The nationalists wanted the Russian population to disappear so Russians rebelled.

  3. Its preposterous, deeply shameful, extremely embarassing, as seen around the world, for the world to see how the UN is behaving in allowing itself to be dragged and manipulated by Belenski and US Nato players, acting in a very strange, a non UN way. The UN is actively playing in a very sectarian attitude manner against Russia by allowing Belendski to deny Russia's involvement in peace talks over Ukraine. The UN is allowing itself to become like an 'unofficial kangeroo court,' with no official legal powers, to pretend to set up 'tribunals' and to 'broker real peace' excluding and antagonising Russia from being involved in constructive talks when its emphatically clear to the world this shall only inflame the conflict. Where was the UN in making these very strange, odd, confusing disorganised calls for 'tribunals' for alleged war crimes' when the US, UK Canada, and all of Nato's western states who were involved in illegally wars against Iraq, Afganistan, Libya etc? It wreaks of hypocracy and double standards. The UN are indeed fully aware that ukraine had since 2014 waged war in the Donbass and Lugansk against its former citizens and under UN Charters Russia had the right to go into the region and to stop the killings and protect civilian lives in former eastern ukraine. Had Russia not gone ahead with the SMO then Belenski would have continued to ethnically cleanse the entire regions of over 8 million ethnic Russian's and ukrainians from within those regions destroying their homes, with Nato assistance, in the regions. The UN are indeed aware of ukraine's war crimes since 2014 onwards to this day and should seriously acknowledge these war crimes instead of turning a blind eye to it. Only peace, together with Russia, at the same table, can genuinely solve this Belenski Nato orchestrated war against the civilians of the four regions now taken into the Russian Federation for safety, peace, security and protection. 🇮🇪✌🏼

  4. The West is manipulative and deceptive, and that’s putting it kindly. The West also likes to run in place, to uselessly spin its wheels, as seen in their recent peace talks at the U.N. Any so-called “peace summit” held without involving Russia is an exercise in futility and a supreme waste of time and money, both of which the West is highly skilled at frittering away. Ask any sentient citizen of the United States for confirmation.

  5. Oh yeah I agree all signs leads to Medvedev as successor…and like lavrov said if the collective West are not willing to negotiate base on the reality on the ground and leave it to the Russian army then am pretty sure this smo will be over in before mid 2023 leaving Ukraine leaving Ukraine in a very very bad shape worse than very poor countries like mine in the global south.

  6. Edgar Cayce gave 29 readings from 1921 to 1944 that have been grouped together as "World Affairs Readings" since the requestors were seeking to better understand the events happening around them from a global perspective (Series 3976). These readings twice mention that "out of Russia will come the hope of the world."

  7. Russia gets the Russians. Nato gets the Nazis. That outcome has been apparent since July of 2022. Ukraine will be left with 20 million plus. Russia will add 12 million plus, Crimea included. The rest have fled and most will not return. The Clown of Kiev will retire and live a life of luxury on a South Carolina estate next to his butt buddy, Linsey Grahm. They will be permenately attached, dick to mouth.

  8. One other factor to include in this equation is the present and emerging status of the US economy which many folks in the US, and I am speaking of high-quality economic brains, are all saying that the US economy is on the brink. That being the case, this will further hamper the US to provide support for this Ukraine exercise. As a matter of fact it is already starting to generate disharmony within the US. Add to that the open borders in the south where millions of refugees are pouring in.

    And now that Putin has made it clear that Russia will not be selling oil to those countries that instituted the price caps which of course will be supported by OPEC and which will most likely see a rise in oil prices early next year and which will further stress the global economy including the US, it should be evident that this will place more pressure on the US to continually fund this Ukrainian incinerator. These are some additional factors that cannot be discounted.

  9. I still think you can't trust Medvedev. As President of Russia, he was such a meek person. What he's doing now looks like overcompensation. Should he be back as President, I think he might regress to his old weak position. He could be a Western mole, thought he also could be honest. It's hard to say. With what I see, I'm not trusting him.

  10. There is not a snow-balls hope in hell that Russia is ever going to get a negotiated settlement worth the parchment it is written on from the so called West, the U.S. N.A.T.O. alliance, not now or any-time ever, Their one and only objective is to bring Russia to her knees totally defeated and utterly humiliated. There is only one language and only one peace that these people understand, and it comes out of the barrel of a gun, unfortunately for everyone concerned.

  11. Medvedev, like Putin pinned many hopes of peace, good relations and being good trading partners with the west, but he too can see the sly, devious, dishonest nature of the western collective, and the disappointment of being betrayed by the foul neocons has become the reason for his about turn on policy.

  12. The PR is only ever relevant in the short-term. The winning side is and always will be the side that has the will to outlast the other. If the West is thinking short-term it will lose again. The US specifically has to continue to fund this thing by debt and over come the logistical nightmare of fighting on the other side of the planet. But every two years the neo cons have to win a domestic political battle to maintain power. Eventually war weariness sets in and justifying the mounting costs becomes unsustainable

  13. They are not only laying the groundwork for Russia's future both militarily and geopolitically but also institutionally as well. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a big revival of Tsarism in Russia given the Eastern Church's love for the Romanovs and Tsarism, as well as the surprising number of monarchists in the Kremlin.

  14. Talking about peace talks without Russia, …indeed! What are those clowns in Ukraine smoking? Oh, I forgot! They snort!! Alexander, I agree that there will be those who might think these are serious people but I would wager that the vast majority in the world are 'taking it from whence it came'!

  15. Why is it that when a US president is serious, all European/NATO leaders are also serious, when a US President is delusional all European/NATO leaders are also delusional, when a US president is a comedian, all other European/NATO leaders are also comedians, when a US president has dementia all other European/NATO also seem to have dementia???? Is there some kind of a telepathy? I am really shocked.

  16. I wonder if the renewed focus on Medvedev has ALSO to do with pre-empting both 2024 electioneering by US NGOs, and preparing for US assassination attempts to further the neocon dismemberment agenda. In case of an unexpected turn of events, a firm succession of government plan to avoid a 1992 repeat, of which Putin in particular is well aware the dangers of.

  17. President Putin did say Russia is willing to negotiate with all concerning parties. West took it as sign of weakness.
    To me, that is the last offer. Take it or hell will come down on you. I expect to see much increased tempo and much more serious decision to end this war. Gloves are officially off.

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The Wests Military Defeat and Strategic Failure in Ukraine

The West’s Military Defeat and Strategic Failure in Ukraine