Pride Mural DEFACED, Mural SLAMMED For Targeting CHILDREN With Creepy Teddy Bear On Fat Gay Man

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  1. Wait, isn't forcing people against their will to participate in your sexual fantasies no different than just, forcing yourself onto someone in a sexual way? (you know what I mean, dodging filters.)

    So, The LGBTQ+ Community is overtly out here, r*ping people, and saying if you fight back that you don't love or whatever? Glad I disassociated with that community pretty early on, I might be Bi, and trans, but I don't agree with those folk.

  2. This is sickening that there are people who are trying to normalize pedophilia! Being a sick depraved pedophile who's only agenda is to hurt & traumatiz children trying to link themselves with the LBGT COMMUNITY when they absolutely have nothing in common with that community is abhorrent! Those pedophiles as I have stated before only care about normalizing pedophilia so they can hurt & traumatiz young children openly and have no consequences to their sick depraved actions! THAT CAN NOT BE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME WHATSOEVER! CHILDREN ARE INNOCENT AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT SEX OR SEXUALITY IS SO L,EAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE! LET THEM HOLD ON TO THEIR INNOCENTS FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN & JUST LET THEM BE CHILDREN FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN!

  3. To create a gay you rape a 12-13 years old boy who have no father model or an overbearing mother plus no father. Thats how gays are created. They are not born . Gays know that and love them young, its a secret they dont share with us. So yes our kids are in danger with these perverts around. We need to correct this fast if we, as a society, still have a modicum of pride and love for our most vulnerable. If we do nothing we don't deserve to continue as a civilization and we deserve all the crap happening to us.

  4. Funny. Funny that I lost a significant amount of friends straight and gay because I would not legally marry my spouse. We're not married because of financial reasons that are in the process of being cleared up. As per Tim, we'll never get legally married. Ho Hum. What is a normie gay man to do but be pissed off to the hilt….?

  5. Here is something to think about, Adoption. It is easier with a man and woman as a couple. But Trans people can adopt as well. But if you are a straight single man you can't but a single woman can. Then is divorce a man can loose his children for the best interest of a child especially when he is the bread earner. But if a woman makes more money she gets custody usually. No wonder why society is falling apart.

  6. "At what point is it too far" he says, standing in Australia, Clown World, 2023, where we passed way too far a loooong time ago. Believe this, if you're just now asking "at what point is it too far," you've been part of the problem for a long time. Congrats on waking up. Now time to be part of the solution.

  7. A true conservative constitutionalist judge will find in the Declaration of Independence first sentence of second paragraph the reasons to support gay marriage. "Certain unalienable Rights ,that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Whether you support gay marriage or not, a true constitutionalist will support it. I'm an old hetro male, gay marriage has nothing in it for me, but I believe everyone has the right to seek happiness that noes not impose upon anybody else.

  8. You're right about one thing: it is political. The recent Roe v Wade "victories" will spur idiot red states to overturn gay marriage, immediately alienating 5% of the population + their friends, coworkers and families. And boom, no more red states ANYWHERE. But go ahead, keep fighting lgbt people, that served you all so well this far, didn't it…


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