Pro-War Propagandists: How Bloodthirsty Media Push US Toward Every New War | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. CNN made a lot of money off of 24/7 coverage of the Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm. All the media companies know that a bigger war with direct and large scale U.S. involvement is a cash cow waiting to happen. They want to make it happen. So they can report on it. And make a lot of money. After all, it won't affect them, just the poor kids who will be sent to fight and return in body bags, missing parts, or with PTSD. And then they can do stories on that years later to blame only political adversaries for not taking care of those people properly.

  2. Tom Friedman was right. After 9/11 that "bubble" had to be burst, and in large part seems to have been. Whether our method or methods for achieving that were sound or not is another question. You measure these events not in decades but in generations so the jury is still out, though, at present it looks like not.

  3. I had never heard of Glenn Greenwald until Jimmy Dore introduced him to me alongside matt taibi and Aaron mate, i didnt think Real journalists existed anymore these guys need to be supported more than ever they are all role models for any young people and i admire and are grateful for the truths they report on.

  4. There are left wingers.
    There are right wingers
    And there are liberal centrists who are center left on matters of social justice in order to cover their arse for being centre right to right wing on economics and foreign policy. Many Americans seem to either be unaware of this, or believe that it is something new… suffice to say, it isn't and here is my proof from 1966:

    Pay attention to what he says before the song starts.

    Always remember, the majority of those who voted Hitler into power, were the right, and the liberal centrists. Took a plurality of the desperate, the vein and the stupid to elect that monster into office, I pray history never repats.

  5. I have been opposed to every war since the Vietnam war. I marched in the Vietnam Day march, years later I demonstrated in the streets of SF against Bush's putsch to war in Iraq. But, I think we have a moral obligation to see that Russia does not get away with stealing any land from Ukraine because that will only encourage her to take Moldova, Lithuania, who knows where else. Alaska may be low on Russia's bucket list, but someone in the Duma last year mentioned that Alaska had once belonged to Russia and Russia would some day get it back. There were even billboards in Russia that said, "Alyaska Nasha", "Alaska is ours". Also, if we become cowardly and wimp out on Ukraine, that will only encourage China to take Taiwan. Have we no decency?

  6. Unfortunately most Americans don't seem to have the slightest clue how totally propagandized they are. Even more unfortunately, many Americans (Including some of my friends and family members) come right out and say they would rather NOT know the truth if it conflicts with what they want to believe. This is as pathetic as it is dangerous.

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