Project Veritas Is Ousting James O’Keefe – Why?

Fresh off Project Veritas’ release of a stunning video featuring a Pfizer executive admitting to the company’s raft of misdeeds – or, rather, the executive lying about those misdeeds in an effort to get laid – an odd thing happened. Insiders at Project Veritas have apparently moved against founder James O’Keefe and are attempting to ease him out of the organization entirely.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speculate about what might really be going on behind the scenes at the conservative undercover journalism outfit.

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  1. IMO some people were getting involved with Project Veritas to either watch James O or to make a move on him due to his ability to be as productive in exposing as much as he has and this was the time they pulled the trigger with most assuredly financial backing from a Big Pharma Company…
    Most likely similar to a PR Firm but this organization does the dirty work and not the bookings for interviews and press releases…

  2. Jimmy this proves that your attachment to YouTube does nothing in the big scheme of things. In order to truly make an impact you need to challenge the system like James Okeefe is doing. You cant be a real journalist in America today unless the fake news mainstream( like YouTube) goes after you. Pfizer going after James Okeefe exposes the fake news media even more and shows why the American people are lied to and the consequences of fake news media domination in the USA. The end result is millions of Americans lives are ruined by corporations that run amuck as if above the law. The only way to change it is a massive shift of truth tellers away from the mainstream platforms and restructuring their organizations so as not to be controlled by evil financial obligations.

  3. What if james O'Keefe went on a holiday vacation and the FBI cut off his simcard? It has been over two days and still just speculation on social media, no official statement by either side… Seems like a CIA ruse to me. Just so the people get riled up against PV and withdraw their support, in turn dampening the fallout of the pfizer sting.

  4. Who gives af about the inside gossip about O’Keefe or Project Veritas?

    What they publish may or may not be interesting – whistleblowers are mostly good – but beyond that, I don’t get why it matters what happens internally.

    Don’t give af about the latest boardroom squabbles at the New York Times either.

  5. James Edward O'Keefe III is an American political activist and provocateur who founded Project Veritas, a far-right activist group that uses deceptive editing techniques to attack mainstream media organizations and progressive groups. Wikipedia
    Is Wikipedia corrupt left wing organization?

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