Project Veritas Puts James O’Keefe Put on “Paid Leave”! Hostile Takeover or Sabotage? Viva Frei

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Written by Viva Frei

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  1. Unsurprising that some board members have ties to pharmaceutical companies and Pfizer and just so coincidentally O'Keefe is thrown out when Pfizer is exposed. Just shows the importance to own your company and not trust this "board of directors" bullshit setup. And then allow OBVIOUS members of the "enemy" to join this board.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Project veritas is deeply infiltrated by CIA… If I was an evil government CIA operator… Hell… I would infiltrate them. This is far from impossible… the CIA has their tentacles in more than we know.
    What would surprise me is if we found out… The CIA is no joke… they are skilled at what they do… they operate outside the law… notice how the FBI takes all the heat… not a peep about CIA… ever. They openly operate inside CNN with “retirees”… that’s cute. They are reading this right now… Hi fellas 😳…
    Just kidding… I don’t mean anything… 🏃💨😬

  3. Hostile take-over.
    Being a journalist, O'keefe probably didn't see it coming, and was an easy target for shysters who build careers doing this sort of thing. It's a simple strategy that nevertheless requires guile to carry out: you gradually infiltrate the board of directors with smiling backstabbers until you can stage an internal coupe.

    While James comes to terms with the shock of betrayal by people he trusted, 'Project Veritas' will get an infusion of capital, move uptown, hire a bevy of attractive talking heads and steadily crank out elaborately produced, graphics heavy reports of teapot tempests. Nothing substantive will ever be investigated; they'll target the small fry– landlords, small banks, puppy mills and the like. One of the alphabet networks— probably the one that bankrolled and directed the subterfuge in the first place–will eventually swallow it. Imagine amoeba at dinner. The name Project Veritas will continue, but from now on as trademark, thanks to James's work, a valuable one for the time being. Eventually it will be a feature of some network's 5:00 news.

    In short, Project Veritas is dead. James O'keefe, however, is not.

  4. Eyes of a Soldier. Staring into no where. .Motion Pics glorify and most don't understand. They can't tell the truth of damage done. The Eyes of a Soldier scares everyone. I know this, one of many children. Children have to be taught to listen. How can they KNOW? We are one of many. Not more important than anyone else on this planet.

  5. Directors or officers of nonprofit corporations can be held personally liable if they: personally and directly injure someone. (Per NOLO). So, the board might be attempting to abate threats of legal action. PV has brought many excellent stories, and surely pissed off a party who was subject of a news story.

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