Project Veritas SUSPENDS James O’Keefe… Supposedly looking to REPLACE HIM.


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  1. The underlying tone from Official Statement is, We The Board have chosen to commercialize OUR Project Veritas and that can not happen with O'Keefe so We are ditching him. We are not going to loose any viewers or donors (not that they are important anyway when the cash flow starts from advertizers), We in Our great wisdom know this.

    Uppercase We is intentional, they clearly see themselves as something Special.

  2. This is how they get them. The moment any anti-establishment institution becomes too successful "investors" show up with large offers and contracts which include clauses that allow them to depose the founders in certain situations which they inevitably invoke later on. This happens every single time.

  3. I totally agree. If the owner & founder is no longer running the company it will cease to exist. And it looks like the board of directors don't want to pay for the company especially if they can get it free. But the people who follow the owner will go wherever the owner goes unless if course he went off the deep end.
    Now about the overly sensitive, lazy employees that want to be able to dictate how the company owner will deal with them; grow up, mature, & understand that this is life. I don't believe I ever had a job that I loved every minute of it, or getting helped
    at because of some else's mistake, or taking the credit, lied to me, ect. The one that I quit is if I have to have sex with the boss. That I won't do. But in life you do have to just walk, head tall, apologize or tell them straight it wasn't you. It just seems they want to live in fantasy unrealistic unicorn & rainbow land. What was it my mom would say; help me to change what I can change & cannot change and that I would know the difference. Sometimes you have to cut your losses. Retired military, retired federal technician, former horse trainer, owner of farm, bus driver, single mother of three. And I think it's funny since I retired I work at Walmart to make extra money for my family and last week I was talking with a man who worked in construction that I own a duplex he said I am lying. 😂🤣😂 Omg too funny. I don't care where I work as long as I am working and taking care of my family. That's the problem I see in men. They don't want to work for others yet they can't work for their own company because they have excuses. That's these employees. Their resumes are going to look like shit. I have 4.0 at college and evaluations from all employers including the one I just started. They love me. And I am keeping it that way. I need them more than they need me. That is what this owner is going to understand when he comes back to his company. Everyone is going to be fired except those who support him exclusively. Ah well they already done it.🤣🤣🤣

  4. First thing comes to mind, is big pharma w/all their $$$$ & power putting the squeeze on his employer for his exposure of their gain of function research, and the gay bird that sang that special tune!!
    I can't even let myself think that they could get away w/this! The thought really messes w/me!!!!

  5. From 🇬🇧. I hope this is fake news . The western world does not have enough truth seekers , so why would PV silence one of the best . If true , then PV needs to find themselves in the 🚽!!!! IMO , looking at his latest expose about 💉 employee , someone HIGH UP , has put a 🎯 on his back .

  6. Personally I think the founder/founders of companies should have protection from being removed. I can understand why it might need to happen even then if they are removed, a percentage of the profit, large enough to cause hesitation, should be sent to the founder/founders. I'd look into all new and recent hires. All it takes now is to say someone was x towards them. Mean, aggressive, threatening, demanding, intolerant, overworking, are a few just take your pick. It's ridiculous how society views work these days. We are all there to make money, to make money for the company which then makes money for us, making friends is a bonus benefit. I've worked multiple fast food jobs and have had to explain multiple times that without customers we don't make sales, if we don't make sales for long enough we get shut down and then we're unemployed, if we make the required sales continuously we stay employed, if we manage to increase the customer base we increase sales, we then have the ability to ask for raises or else we'll take our skills elsewhere. The crews positions may be a dime a dozen but replacing good workers is one in a million.

    Yes it is a skill to produce quality looking food with the correct ingredients within seconds continuously, with timers buzzers and beeps going off in every direction while often in a small area that's always hot, not to mention the minor cuts and burns that are inevitable.

  7. I think we all agree that James is one man army. Project Veritas is himself. Proved most important conspiracy, they hire homosexuals to impose regulations on straight majority. I thought that democracy is a majority rule, despite I’m Republican and nobody will vote out my “God” given rights. Next project James? 😁👊🏻🙏🏻

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