PROOF Twitter Censored Anyone CIA & FBI Told Them To!

When Viktor Shokin, a former Prosecutor General of Ukraine and notable target of onetime Vice President Joe Biden, wrote a book about his experiences in office, there were powerful individuals within the U.S. Government who didn’t want people reading this book, or even becoming aware it existed. And that’s why government agents insisted Twitter censor accounts promoting Shokin’s book, along with countless others in the tsunami of demands for censorship from government agencies that were flooding into the social media company prior to the 2020 election.

Guest host Aaron Maté and journalist Matt Taibbi discuss the very dangerous precedent established by this unseemly private-public censorial partnership.

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  1. I can't understand who this will make a difference to… I feel as though we are preaching to the choir and we have all known this for at least 1 year and this is just substantiation, but that it will not lead to prosecutions, jail time or justice… I know that seems cynical, but that's all I have left until I see something different.

  2. The U.S. Government has lied about everything from the day I was born. I know of no truths from the U.S. Government. I believe nothing from MSM, and nothing from the Government. Sorry to say, I don't believe the U.S. landed on the moon, only because they have lied about everything else.The government is the supreme producer of BULLSHIT!

  3. This shows how badly the Swamp lead Inferior appointees branches of the government need to be held feet to the fire the *Plaintiff bearing the responsibility of Burden of Proof* and to be held accountable for circumventing the Constitution via a private surrogate which is EXACTLY what Social Media is to government!

  4. Does anyone else who has been aware of the corruption of the alphabet agencies for decades feel like this whole twitter thing pales in comparison to literally everything else the alphabet agencies have done? Don't get me wrong, censorship is bad, but Twitter is ultimately irrelevant. The US government is still actively involved in wars that are a result of lies from the alphabet agencies.

  5. Wow, if nothing is done about what happened between the government and Twitter and the 100% proof of violating so many Americans 1st amendment, I'm afraid there's just no way we can ever claim to be a free country, ever again.. can you even imagine how deep this rabbit hole truly is..??.
    Absolutely disgusting, anyone and everyone who had their 1st amendment rights violated to protect the Biden crime family, should file lawsuits against Twitter and against all the alphabet groups. This cannot go unpunished, but if it does, we are so far beyond screwed…

  6. That makes the CIA (Criminal Insane Agency) and the FBI (Fraudulent Bastard Institute) part of the evil and criminal oligarchy which took over the US – and now the world. This is a new type of war and you’d better understand that we are the oligarchy’s new enemies. Get very active, if you wish to save everything good. We need now our own organization. A United Organization of Opposition to Oligarchy. It needs to be inclusive of all and global. It needs to be a nee type of Union. Old unions no longer work – or were also bought by the criminals / traitors.

  7. I basically assumed everything the Twitter files has been revealing was going on. It's nice to have evidence, although shout out to people like Dr. Shiva who covered some of this stuff first relating to covid and other things back in like 2020. Great to see it getting more air play and broader reach though, props to Elon for this one. I hope the Twitter Files continue indefinitely and more journalists are brought in to cover it all.

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