Q & A: The escalation escalator

Q & A: The escalation escalator

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Written by The Duran

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  1. Have the neo-cons considered the war refugees that their actions would escalate? Where in the world would British, Spanish and French refugees go? Asia? America? Australia? P S how could Lennon ever imagined a Hitler, let alone a U S super power? The soviets had kicked out the British led invasion of 1920 so they thought that was the end of that piece of nonsense, but the west had other thoughts.

  2. @TheDuran Turkish media, quoting Israel's Mossad and other sources, have given current losses on both sides in Ukraine.
    -Irretrievable losses of the AFU – 157,000;
    Irretrievable losses of NATO – 8052;
    Wounded – 234,000;
    Prisoners – 17,230;
    Aviation – 302 aircraft and 212 helicopters
    UAVs – 2,750 (excluding quadrocopters);
    Air defense – 497 anti-missile systems and radars;
    Armored vehicles – 6320 tanks, BMP, APC, MRAP, etc.;
    Artillery – 7360 units of towed artillery, mortars, self-propelled guns, MLRS, short-range ballistic missile systems.
    And Russia-
    Irretrievable losses – 18,480
    Wounded – 44,500
    Prisoners – 323 (apparently, only those who have not yet been changed)
    Aviation – 23 planes and 56 helicopters
    UAV – 200 (excluding quadrocopters)
    Armored vehicles – 889 tanks, BMP, APC, MRAP, etc.
    Artillery – 427 units of towed artillery, mortars, self-propelled guns, MLRS.
    Air defense – 12 anti-missile systems and radars
    Data for both sides was dated January 14.

  3. I am a huge fan of your channel. Can you please kindly talk about this point?
    NATO is secretly sending troops dressed as Ukranian soldiers and even as foreign mercenaries. Now the West is sending tanks & jets. Who will operate these tanks & jets? The NATO soldiers will. Ukrainians can't even speak proper english properly, and they saying that west will train Ukraininan soldiers to use highly complex western tank in 3 weeks? Please… don't make laugh. Who is buying that? From the moment UK announced that they will train Ukrainian troops and Boris Jhonson walked into Kiev holding Military training paper in his hand was all a lie to media and lie to Russia. Claiming to train troops in Poland & Germany is how the West is sneaking NATO soldiers in and lying to the media that they've trained thousands of Ukrininan soldiers. This is the only way how NATO can win. By directly fighting Russia through conventional warfare (tanks, planes & soldiers. Conbined NATO has more soldiers then Russia), only in 1 country (War dosn't spill over in other countries) & no nuclear weapons involved. Also by lying to Russia & the world saying that NATO not directly involved and not at wat with Russia, so that RUSSIA won't use Nukes.
    If Russia attacks NATO to retaliate, then the west will blame Russia tha it was Russia that started war with NATO. When F16s come, it'll be NATO soldiers flying Jets. Not Ukrainian.

    What are the evidence of this claim?
    1. Western countries already reporting western special ops members coming back in body bags saying they were killed while on humanitarian duties/ evacuating civilians. When in actual they died directly fighting Russia in front lines.
    2. Ukraine did the Kharkiv successful assult & took back land in Sep 2022. Are you kidding me? In June & July Ukraine was backed to the wall loosing Severodonetsk & Lysychansk. All of a sudden in a month time, Ukraine has hundreds & thousands of trained soldiers attacking coordinately to take back land? No, 2/3 of the soldiers involved in the Sep attacks were NATO. When the filmed, then just put forward the actual Ukrainians in the front to make video placing flag.
    2. Russian foreign minister making a satement saying "NATO special ops are probably already in Ukraine dressed as mercenaries" In Jan 2023.
    3. Some EU contries refusing to train Ukrainian soldiers (Croatia & Hungary). In other words refusing to send soldiers to Ukraine to fight directly. Why would Ukraine need training from all European contries. If US, UK & France train Ukraininan soldiers, that should be more then enough as they are the most experienced. Because this is not about training, this is about sending soldiers directly to fight in front lines dresses as Ukrainians.
    4. In Nov & Dec 2022, Russia front lines reported that their radio picking up Polish & English language from front lines in the Donbas. Coincidence?
    5. Germany saying Leopard 2 will be in Ukraine by end of March. That is 5 weeks. Crash course on highly experienced soldiers on tanks take more then 5 weeks and these are Ukrainians with very little miletary knowledge.
    6. Ukrainian main army died and burnt months ago, they don't have endless supplies of man power. Recruting people from city jobs is not same as actual trained soldiers. Von Der Leyen also said Ukraine lost 100k soldiers. That was not a mistaken statement. They lost thier main soldiers, they're fighting with NATO soldiers.
    7. Theres a reason why Ukraine is reluctant to let go of already incircled Bahmut. Becasue the few Ukrainians only have to hold it for few more months. After that the NATO soldiers will take over using western tanks and Air crafts. Also the fact that Ukraine not fighting and loosing Ukrainian soldiers, but NATO soldiers. Ukraine got NATO in a vice. Ukraine knows NATO will send as much soldiers needed as NATO cannot affort to loose to Russia here. As long as NATO keeps sending endless manpower, Ukraine will keep holding Bahmut.

  4. The disrespect for a nation's original borders and territories when a federal state was subsequently formed was even worse for the Serbs in the former Yugoslavia than for Russia and the USSR –> see, for example, what the Banovina of Serbia would have looked like per the Cvetković-Macek Agreement within the Kingdom of Yugoslavia had WWII not happened

  5. Well I am pretty sure that big media have already created a few independent media channels on YouTube. Basically any channel that discusses every topic on their channel parroting the same point of view in line with the foreign policy agenda. You will notice those in dependant channels does not have a genuine audience base that donates to their channel and the top comments are highly suspect.

  6. Alexander's point about folks in Kiev and their western supporters insisting and defending what were internal soviet administrative borders, is a fantastic point and something I've been screaming since the war started. These are the same people who believe that all the wars in the middle east are a result of the British empire drawing arbitrary borders without a thought to the cultural and ethnic divisions that may already exist in those areas. Well, these same people think that Soviet borders are not arbitrary lines drawn by an ham-fisted empire, but represent authentic Ukrainian borders. It's unbelievable.

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