Rand Paul SHUTS DOWN Hawk Lindsey Graham’s Call To BOMB IRAN?; Ukraine Aid AT END OF ROPE: WH

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss comment from John Kirby that U.S. aid to Ukraine won’t be “indefinite.” #ukraine #ukrainewar

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  1. Never let a crisis go to waste. Lindsey Graham won’t let an opportunity for war pass by without advocating for dropping bombs, even when the US administration and the Israeli government cite a lack of evidence for Iranian involvement. He’s freaking Dr Strangelove

  2. US doesn't want a free democratic Iran. There'd be no more sanctions, the release of all their oil upon the world would crash the petro $. This is why the Iranian uprisings were suppressed in the news, & why even though military & police supported civilians in these recent uprisings the US did nothing but support the regime in power. A stable unsanctioned middle-east isnt in their interests. They want Iranian extrramists in charge, they want terror groups active in that part of the world.. keeps the destabilization going. Means the petro $ wont tank.

  3. Biden's comment about the children really disturbs me. I suspect that the people pulling the strings are feeding him
    garbage and he's simply saying whatever they they put on the teleprompter. I'm a retired software engineer engineer
    and we always said "garbage in … garbage out" and IMO opinion that's what's happening here. I'd like to know who's
    pulling the strings here and why they haven't been held accountable.

    Oh yea, the puppet–in this case Biden–doesn't have anything to say about anything. Every action every word is
    coming from the puppet master or masters.

    This needs to come to an end now and the DNC refuses to recognize the problem and is actively working to
    keep a demented man in the oval office. This is totally disgusting.

  4. blinken is right that we can definitely fund both wars coz Fed can keep printing money and export our inflation overseas as the Fed pretends that it doesn't know where inflation comes from. So are we surprised the world wants to de dollarize? Of coz Lindsay wants to bomb everywhere, as a childless man, he has no posterior generation to be concerned about.

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