Rand Paul to BLOCK Ukraine Aid from Spending Bill – w/ Danny Haiphong

Rand Paul vowed to block the passage of a spending bill which includes aid to Ukraine.

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Photo: C-SPAN

Written by Due Dissidence

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  1. I knew things were going to get much worse when I saw Tulsi give a townhall in maybe 2019. She stood up and said "I want to end the wars!" She paused for what should have been obvious applause. However, the crowd just looked at each other as if to say "Is war bad? Do we like war or hate war now? Aren't we supposed to support war?" Then a little ripple of applause came out. It was a scary moment.

  2. I'm with Rand Paul. Nice to see someone with a spine although he's far from me on most issues. This insane war has to stop, Zelensky is continuing to make absurd demands before he will negotiate, and that's because he thinks U.S. is going to give him a 100 billion a year to keep it going.
    Interesting that Paul used the word "uniparty' to describe the war party. He got that right.

  3. People like Paul and his fans need to look at 20th century history and understand what happens to the rest of the world when eastern Europe goes bad. This is why Clinton had to intervene in Bosnia. You can't wish Putin away folks. The Baltic states are next if he is successful in Ukraine. And then you are talking about the very real prospect of this conflict morphing into Russia vs Nato.
    Just for the record I am a 62 year old Bernie bro and son of a WW2 vet.

  4. “Growing up in the Bush years you would never see this kind of rhetoric right of center”. My friend, it was literally Rand Paul’s father who stood and gave MANY speeches against war and the unconstitutional post 9/11 laws being made. Ron Paul was an honorable man. Definitely didn’t agree with him on a lot but he was still an honorable man.

The US empire's constant attempts to undermine and dismantle every nation which refuses to relinquish its sovereignty to an unofficial one-world government run by Washington is splitting world powers into two increasingly hostile blocks, which history tells us is a very bad sign. (


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