Rand Paul Tries to Reign In on NATO War Powers…

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. We can't just give the W.H.O. World Health Organization to control ANY response in the USA…and those who are pushing this should be Arrested at once on charges of TREASON against the sovereign powers of our country and people..,WHY would we EVER give power to an agency outside of our country to enact control of ANYKIND within our country ????? this is what they are trying to do…..we are being bombarded by their control attempts in hopes to slip past our attention ; (((. it's a war and most if not all are coming from WITHIN our own sell out people on our soil….ARREST THEM

  2. The United States is being Ruled by THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. And I do not think there is much that can be done about that now, We were warned it could happen, and it did happen, Now hang on and hope, Like in Ukraine, There is nothing the Average American can do, We are now in a Proxy War with Russia because of Ignorant Ass Leaders, Such as Biden and also THE NEWS MEDIAS are really promoting support for Ukraine, The most Corrupt Country in the WORLD, Ukraine is still sending Biden Checks I believe for his Big Man cut.

  3. Think about it. This means any NATO member has the power to aggravate its neighbors to the point of initiating a retaliatory military action, which would commit the US to an automatic declaration of war against an otherwise justified provocation. What a mess.

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