‘Ranking Member Plaskett, I’m Not A So-Called Journalist’: Matt Taibbi Discusses The Twitter Files

At today’s House Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing, Matt Taibbi spoke about the Twitter files and alleged suppression of free speech by the federal government.

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  1. Taibbi does good work, and, yes, he goes go out of his way to say that both sides engage in the kind of behavior he is reporting on. However, Taibbi seems like one of those journalists who caught up in their idealized world of journalism that they don't appreciate how the nationalists use them and contort their reporting to advance the very things they oppose. And as the world continues to descend to madness folks like him continue to cling to this idea that they are just being good journalist, if someone use their work to advance knowingly bad ends it is on someone else to do the correction.

  2. Unfortunately the so called government has the same DNA as Social Media. 🤔 911 & JFK ? Same DNA. 3% of America 's population.
    Civil America had a chat with the Feds today. Filed more fraud charges on "them". Also filed a complaint on the Feds for taking so long. 🖤😎🇺🇸

  3. I was kicked off Facebook twice. The first time I said I had serious doubts about the origin of COVID-19 and even more serious doubts concerning the inoculations that hadn't been tested thoroughly, first time kicked off. Second time I said I believe that the hunter Biden laptop was real that Rudy Giuliani was not a dummy that would fall for Russian BS and then we needed to know the truth and demand to know the truth. Second time kicked off. Both times Facebook said I was attempting to insight violence. Government control 100%

  4. Thank You Matt! Excellent work and invaluable to not just Americans but those across the globe that support the American people- the everyday American! What I find most disturbing is that groups like the Taliban and Antifa are allowed to openly recruit for their respective and often nefarious behaviors, while American citizens are punished for having an opinion!

  5. Indiana Star caught a Man who sexually assaulted 500 underage Women, FBI = IMPOTENT. Gary Webb, San Jose Mercury News revealed CIA drug running to fund covert wars and LOST HIS ENTIRE LIFE for it !, Pegasus software (Israeli) nationally funded subscription service for MONEY found on the phones of all heads of state in the WORLD to the highest bidder (Drug Lords, Criminals, Deep State) and is used to LOCATE FOR ASSIGNATION (Mostly Journalists) all over the world. EU called them on it by the way ! The judicial system in place does not adequately handle the white collar, corporate, military industrial complex crimes WHATSOEVER !

  6. Anybody else curious as to how a non-voting member of the House from the Virgin Islands (nothing against the Virgin Islands, but it's not a state in the Republic) gets to be a ranking member on a committee? Seems a bit odd to me. Plaskett was a former Republican DOJ hire of George W Bush, no coincidence she's now part of the neo-con turned Democrat (and the neo-cons used to be Northeast Trotskyists) internationalists that don't want any Presidents or journalists from outside of their "circle" interfering with their global ambitions. It's like the parasites that hijacked the GOP 50 years ago finally got kicked to the curb and so now they're back to the Democratic Party they infected with British agents like Edward House in the Wilson administration. She probably still has a poster of Scoop Jackson on her wall.

  7. Matt Taibbi is a tool.

    Elon didn't share the details on what Trump's administrations requests.

    They biasedly focused on Hunter's porn and smoking crack.

    Lock Hunter up, people really don't care but this investigation was a nothing burger. It mainly only proved that Trump got preferential treatment and a rule change, survival for Trump, blowing up Republicans while case that Twitter is left leaning.

    Matt Taibbi is a grifter just like Greenwald.

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