Rant Against the War Machine, with Jimmy Dore

The Grayzone is joined by Jimmy Dore to discuss the upcoming February 19 Rage Against the War Machine rally at Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial.

Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate will also cover Sy Hersh’s bombshell report on the US destruction of Nord Stream pipelines, how Western sanctions have prevented earthquake relief efforts in Syria, and much more.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. I don't agree with Max, Aaron or Jimmy on everything they opinionate or posit, but I'm totally with them on this topic….
    EXCEPT when they give illumination of anything to do with the erstwhile moronic POTUS 45.
    Trump only says what he says, because being a narcissist, he want's to be back in the WH… Furthering his own neferious agenda.
    He's been told that many people across the USA and the world are against the proxy war with Russia, so like some train-hacking hobo he jumps on the (prevailing) wagon.

  2. 54:10 – Max… I wish you'd stop using the term 'invade'… Russia did NOT invade Ukraine… It was a policing occupation of FORMER Ukranian oblasts that had declared independance from the errant regime of KIev. They called it the SMO… Which is what all of us who see through all this proxy war call it. Contemporary Ukraine does not deserve to be regarded as a 'free sovereign state' (whatever that is construed to be…). It is one of most corrupt regimes in human history, put into place by the US and its acolytes to destablise Russia. And fill the bank accounts of the shareholders of the MIC.
    Let me be candid – I would never vote for the United Russia Party, because they are essentially a conservative/semi-capitalist political organisation – I would be voting for the second largest party in Russia – the Communists. However, like the latter party I hate the right-wing ideologies – fascism/nazism above any other entity I dislike and so, I consider the UR party as doing the right thing for – as you do say – the stability of Russia, its borders and especially the beleaguered citizens of south-east Ukraine – The Donbass. I am also an atheist, so I might not agree with many Russians on the subject of religion, but even as an atheist, I accept that people have got to have their 'crutch' of spiritualism, whatever flavour that might represent.

    When you use terminology like – invade – you are merely parroting MSM and in so doing, identifying with the 'officical narrative'.

  3. The two party system (One political party) has become a divisive tool for the power elite, oligarchy. Lets not make this more complicated than it already is fellas. Want a lasting solution? Indict the oligarchs one by one.
    We could list the charges here starting with treason imposed upon the sunken middle class and the poor. Then there's anarchy, extortion, the list is too long to mention here….

  4. The depth of John Stewart's values proved how incredibly shallow they are when he allowed Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton to sit there on his show and lie and plug American exceptionalism unchallenged. It seems its more important to be in the club than challenge the war mongers.

  5. It is so important that Americans stop that evil quartet that blew up Nordstrom. They have been talking about nukes since last year March. So if they get away with it, we can all kiss the world goodbye. We don't care who wants to social climb, making sure they look good on camera, just stop Hellensky from committing more war crimes

  6. Of course I agree with Jimmy and Max, but I like what Aaron said, too. Hey, I don't just organize parties. I also go to them. When I go to a party and there are people that I disagree with there or maybe even people that don't like me, I can still hit the dance floor.
    This kind of thinking that promotes censorship has betrayed itself. The only good argument for censorship I have ever heard is that "this is justified because it's punishment for what the censored did" but if you ban the person from all public life and not just the forum that they did the act you didn't like in, then you are condeming the person instead of punishing the act.
    "You disagreed with me from the beginning, but you are still here." – Max Blumenthal to Aaron Matee, 2 giants in my head and heart.

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