Ray McGovern Analyses Sy Hersh Report on Blowing Up Nord Stream

Ray McGovern discusses Seymour Hersh’s story, “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline” on Garland Nixon and Wilmer Leon’s radio show, The Critical Hour.

Written by Consortium News

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  1. At first, Scott Ritter sounds as if he is just sure the Russians will win. Then he goes on to admit, both hands waving, that the full destruction of the -hewite supremes – must happen. Very telling to hear so many top brass knuckleheads intent on aligning with Russia's mission implement the final solution. Interresting rhetoric. Obvious who calls the plays.

  2. I'd love to see someone like Ray McGovern do a multi day long form interview with Putin. Someone like Ray could speak with Putin long enough to have a candid open dialog that wasn't held back by time constraints. It would be even better if it was someone who speaks Russian

  3. The US (with Norway's help) used the Ukraine conflict as a cover for a NATO act of war. Despite Sy Hersh's Substack article it would appear they have gotten away it. I guess due to post WWII politics, the US is not willing to let Russia and Germany join forces. Unfortunate for Russia who I believe did want to join a unipolar world but has now been reinstituted as an enemy.

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