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RBA creates inflation by printing money out of thin air

Since 2019 the RBA created $508 billion out of thin air through electric journal entries. I have been warning the RBA directly that this money printing will contribute to the inflation we are experiencing.

What did Governor Phillip Lowe say? He acknowledged I warned about creating money, he acknowledged it was a mistake and he also said nation building projects like Iron Boomerang would help fix inflation.

Written by Malcolm Roberts

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  1. 3 years hay? They had planned the covid ahead of time how long it will be for them to depopulate the population enough to make them selves billions of dollars with big pharma scenario getting richer. Maybe more? The next plan is the next covid they are going to name it after me 🤣

  2. Absolute cowards!
    The government and the RBA are still stating that they were advised by the health “experts” about how a virus was going to ruin everything.
    Now everything has been ruined by the government and the RBA. Are we not going to haul the health “experts” over the coals?

  3. Prime Minister Albanese’s voice body concept for Australia has become Australia’s Pandora’s 📦 Box and now that the box has been opened by him Aussie Gremlins are jumping out everywhere..
    A future voice body permanently enshrined into Australia’s constitution and installed by parliamentary legislation will create a gap between Australian citizens on the basis of race.
    As the function of the voice body changes over time the racial gap in Australia will become wider and wider.
    The proposers today tell us the voice body will only advise governments on specific legislations affecting indigenous peoples interests.
    Just a bunch of words sounding so simple but in reality Who? determines the specific legalisation affecting the interests of indigenous peoples?
    Today every piece of legislation passed and enacted by the Australian Parliament will either directly or indirectly affect every Australian citizen in some way..
    Because the indigenous peoples are Australian citizens the voice body could easily argue before a Court of Law and win an entitlement to review and advise on any or every piece of legislation a government intends to submit to the parliament for debate, passing and enactment.
    When this entitlement happens today’s Voice Body” will become the PIPHOR in Australia.
    The Privy Indigenous Peoples House of Review initially would not have the power of veto but politics being politics bringing about an amendment to the legislation installing the future PIPHOR could give the body a power of veto.
    The whole concept of the proposed voice body will become a “fetter impairment” upon the existing due process for enacting legislation by every Australian Government duly elected by the peoples of Australia to make legislation for the peoples of Australia.
    🇦🇺💯% me……..

  4. How dare 9 people make such decisions for the people of Australia when these 9 people work for a private banking consortium not the Australian Government or the people of Australia
    Contrary to popular belief the RBA is not owned by the Government or the people of Australia and yet our weak Government allows them to set interest rates and control the flow and supply of our money

  5. #GESARA. Seems like We're leading into GESARA talk Malcolm! God has This.
    – QFS is here so this FIAT system chat is inevitable -glad it was You.
    – Brother Malcom – will You please offer Yourself be the Head of the Public Service post EBS / GESARA going public? Please think about it – We need a Trusted Patriot Son or Daughter of God for that massive Role. You'll have a Nation behind You soon – post EBS when records are examined very closely. We Have Everything. Why Leader of the Public Service – and not Member or Senator or President? – Because we know post GESARA, no current or past Politicians will be able to run in the future Quantum-based Elections (coming soon). It's a neat way to clean out and drain the swamp missed, somehow, but Us, not God. These new Elected People – Elected for the Honour of Representing Of and For The People for limited 1 or 2 terms.

  6. Get real !!
    Print money because everyone's dying…where have they got it stashed…and then you inflate the costing so the banks charge more interest
    What else did you do to make yourselves a nest egg to take with you after everyone was dead
    Karma knows where you mongrels live

  7. 6 billion fake dollars…where did it all go? Im still being being extorted for fkn power & water bills and fake council rates ffs these parasitic government agents make themselves these corrupt 'entities' and all they are all 'licenced' by the treasury deparment…ie just a pack of revenue raising scumbags…they make fraudulent accounts in your name then threaten you if you dont pay their extortion demands.. the only way out is to request they present you with a legally binding contract with your signature on it as is required by LAW…before you hand over any cash….you will never hear from them again…every corporation needs your signature…no signature = no contract

  8. Lowe is an outright liar…needs his neck stretched…the vax was already prepared, since 1 yr earlier…look up Event 201 all the criminals behind the plandemic where there….they all knew it , they were salivating at the massive profits is was gonna make em…..fkn pos…how many kids died for Bill Gates bank account & banksters profits?

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Sadistic US sanctions block Syria earthquake aid

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