Reaction To Jimmy Dore’s TRUTH At The United Nations

On Tuesday the United Nations Security Council welcomed a very surprising speaker — comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore! Jimmy explained about how the United States was behind the Nord Stream bombing and the western media all fell in line to push the lie that Russia or Ukraine or someone else was responsible.

Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Jimmy’s UN appearance and Seymour Hersh’s startling revelation that the Nord Stream bombing wasn’t actually about the Ukraine War at all.

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  1. It has to be considered the amount of pollution war creates. All the fuel spent to create weapons. All the gases and debris created by explosions. Spilled fuel, oil, chemicals and destruction of natural environments. War is the biggest polluter of ALL. Not to mention all the spilled blood.

  2. This entire endeavor is and was constructed by corporate power with the end goal being the destruction of the BILL OF RIGHTS and hence government of the people by the people and for the people. For too long the American people have neglected to address corporate control of our government and believe it or not that is at the core of the problem. American foreign policy has been controlled by this narrative for decades destroying our credibility. Only the American people still backed by the constitution of the United States of America can defeat it.

  3. I cant see seals being involved in that. Those guys are some of the most patriotic men on the planet. I was in Canadas military and while I didnt work with all American sof I spent time with a few and they love their country. I couldnt see them doing something underhanded that could make their country look terrible. Not intentionally anyway. Things like that are done through compartmentalized operations. ie.will multiple groups and people accomplishing tasks in which they dont know the ultimate goal of their actions. That is the only way I could see them being involved. The cia or Ukrainians being trained to and pulling it off is more likely. Seals training Ukrainian sof and cia running an op to blow it up. Aaaaaand now im on a watch list for stumbling onto the truth…..

  4. Yeah I have a comment but my comment I think YouTube would block it. Okay my comment Putin has been president of Russia for how many years can anybody guess how long. In our country the United States we have the Constitution that states our president only can be president for 4 years and if re-elected is another 4 years. With all of the red tape that a president in the United States has a deal with to get stuff done. Is quite impossible comment 2 is coming up.

  5. I think lithium batteries are the biggest form of eco-terrorisim as more and more EV 's catch fire more and more lithium is dumped into the environment. It's only getting worse. Right now in Australia there is a fire at a massive battery complex. Im not worried about a bit of natural gas.

Billions Trapped in Russia

Billions Trapped in Russia!

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