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Recording of Australian Government Employee Against Vaccine Mandates

On October 16th 2021 I was put on
“permanent unpaid leave” for not
complying with the vaccine mandates.
This is a recording of my call with
a Centrelink (Australia’s welfare program)
employee on the same day.

Written by MilkBarTV

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  1. You would expect a government department employee, that's employed to interact with the public, to be trained and able to answer those basic questions. It just goes to show that the federal government dosen't care what its other state or local governments are doing, as long at they're not interfering with the federal government. šŸ˜”

  2. Nathan – I usually call you a legend but I really should've been calling you a Hero!!
    I'm so sorry that you & other's like you – had their livelihood stripped away by the dictatorialĀ  Victorian Gov & it's so called leader who we are still stuck with. I'm still processing his traumatic win & still refuse to ever watch his victory speech & that face.šŸ¤®šŸ¤®šŸ¤® I've banned myself from watching or reading anything about politics unless somebody is taking the piss out of them.
    I stupidly thought that you were employed & worked remotely whilst still doing your YT/ journalist job.
    You are one of the Aussie battler's that persevered & you chose to continue to work selflessly for the cause.
    You are like the 'snag' man in your video: 'Aussies that Stood up to the Covid BS'
    Your first lot of video's got me through the shock & horror of what the world, esp Victorian's were subjected to.
    Once your follower's increased & started posting comments – your vids were even more empowering & united us – Dan's 2nd class citizens. And brought on the 'real' laughter, fun & games.
    This was reassuring for me & helped me accept the reality of what was going on – & I started to feel some type of normalcy.
    You became my therapist & voice who gave me an outlet to express every emotion I was feeling esp anger & disdain for the unjust cowards. You saved me heaps of $$ on therapy so it's now my turn to reciprocate. Btw – apologies for the Never-ending foul language in my previous comments. A therapist wldnt have toleratedĀ  that.
    Your satirical vid's made me laugh so hard that Dan's self given power's didn't bother me OR at least made me forget about them while I laughed & I always went to sleep with a smile on my face.šŸ˜„šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚
    Thank you Nathan MilkBarTV.Ā 
    Ps I am fully aware of how corny & over the top my thesis sounds šŸ¤£ –Ā  but hey I'm ok with showing this side of me if it's to xpress my gratitude to somebody deserving. And I have shown it on your channel before so there's no turning back now & no where to hide.
    Although you moved to NSW, you are still Victoria's blinding spot light that exposes the vile, foul, DH demons.
    You are a Shining Star! šŸŒŸ
    NB: DH is not really a swear word compared to what I've written in the past. So I think I'm doing well.

  3. I've had this exact same discussion with my Employment Services Officer multiple times now. I'm unvaccinated and told her in no uncertain terms that I wasn't going to get vaccinated; she told me with a straight face that I should try and 'get around' this by getting a medical exemption from my doctor (which she has since accepted wasn't possible and rightly so).

    So just to clarify – I was asked by the employment services of our government to abuse the medical services of our government so that I could get around the health mandates that were passed by my government (without anyone consulting the voters).

    The system is broken.

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