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Remember, “Rates won’t increase until 2024”. – Did the RBA lie?

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Did the RBA lie about interest rates, and did Philip Lowe just apologise? Is the wealthy managerial elite too far removed from the lives of normal people?


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  1. Lowe is a scapegoat for people's personal stupidity. If you had to put a percentage on mortgage borrowers who listened to Lowe's 2024 forward guidance and were thus compelled to take out massive loans is probably something like 5% of all borrowers. Almost no one pays attention to the RBA regardless of what's going on or what's being said. We're a society of ignorant idiots. Phil Lowe is incompetent and should resign but not because he "mislead" borrowers.

  2. How is it his fault?

    When are the bed wetting state Labor premiers going to be questioned about the $100’s of millions of $$’s worth of unused rats tests and the quarantine centres that were never going to be needed?

    The stupid 🐑 just keep making themselves look more pathetic & desperate 👎 🤦‍♂️.

    Go Novak

  3. Shelter is a basic human right. Principal place of residence home loans should be at Treasury bill rates.
    Anything else Of course should be at commercial rates.
    Let’s not forget the RBA gave $200 billion to the banks at a fixed rate of 0.1%.
    The banks are simply mortgage managers who are creaming 4 to 5%.

  4. The solution in Canada was to buy properties valued it up to $500,000 for public housing.
    It would make more sense to allow potential homeowners to buy their own shelter at low rates.
    At least the Taxpayeris not on the hook.
    I heard one commentator say “ awesome a crackhead now gets to live in a $500,000 apartment with views”

  5. Australia is really screwed. The unions control companies (via Super), governments (Labor is the political arm of the unions), police (police union), health (government), education (government and teachers union), courts (appointed all the judges), construction (cfmeu), ports (wharfies, tug boats). In the last week Industry Super funds were talking about using member funds to construct domestic housing! This is using other people's money to carry out government policy! Soon, Labor will be in control everywhere except Tasmania! Inflation is going to be terrible!

  6. As incompetent as Lowe is where’s the personal responsibility?
    If you hocked yourself to the eyeballs thinking that 2 years was going going to make a difference I have no sympathy
    Always have to prepare for bad times even when times are good
    I’ve watched all my peers flood into housing the last two years like mindless sheep with no money thinking this was there lucky break
    Now I’ll sit on the sidelines and have to watch it all unravel

  7. If you have debt then smash it when the times are good, if the times are bad smash the debt. Don't get into debt that you can't pay off and not willing to sacrifice for. A life without debt is the best insurance for a world that can change without notice. Look after your own backyard rather than looking at the RBA to do it for you.

  8. The media is blowing up his comments again like they did with the 2024 low rates comments and again no one is doing the due diligence of watching the actual video of what he said and just believing what the media is spinning reporting. He said he was sorry that people took action on that segment and didn’t seem to listen to the conditionality of the prediction. The one at fault here is the mainstream media and the property market. He also said for years he has been saying people need real wage increases but now due to the current conditions wage rises could make inflation stay longer. Also that the increase in rents is contributing to inflation and in hindsight too much stimulus was put into the economy during the pandemic. People only want to listen to what they want to hear.

  9. Lowe is representing Australia so he is your friend! The Govt are our own fellas, they truly wish the best for everyone! They wear caps with the Australia flag and cricket shirts at times. They are all working for our lives to be best possible. They are all our close friends which we know, they are not strangers.

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