Rent Controls have failed in Ireland. So why do the Greens want them?

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Once again rent controls have failed in Ireland. Proving that our Greens politicians are calling for ludicrous policies.


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  1. 09:30 I believe that same situation is occurring now in Australia since the government took it on themselves to decide owners cannot depreciate existing properties. Ok, the market adjusts, developers buy all the old (cheap) housing stock and erect shit quality new apartments and duplexes for investment which are much more expensive to buy and operate than older properties, therefore the rents are higher, BUT the owners can still depreciate the structure and fittings. All sorts of economic illiterates cheered when this change came in, thinking it hurt investors/landlords. No. It hurts the renters and drives up the costs for everyone.

  2. Private rental is just that Private it's the owners business on how much he wants.
    Or are the greens going to buy all the rentals it's getting harder to rent urr property new laws and regulations is pushing up prices
    If I have to change things in my home to rent it and actually loose rights like inspections I have taken my rental off the market so iddput it back on if I got a decent rent out of it rent control is not the answer and I'm stuffed if some prick in parliament is going to tell me how much I can charge

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Florian on the Principles of making the Australian Property Market FREE.
    No negative gearing.
    No depreciation schedules.
    No Superannuation Tax offsets.
    No government grants.
    ……Watch it collapse.
    We are addicted to the unhealthy tax breaks that props the market up in the first place.
    It's unsustainable.

  4. As I understand in the Irish case, rents were not capped for big corps. But the Greens are looking for rent freeze across the board so would it not actually keep the rents down even if small investors exited the market? Also they are proposing to build social housing by taxing the rich, would that also not help lower rent by increasing supply?

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