Resist The Creeping Madness Of Central Bank Digital Currencies Now!

Have your say on the imposition of Central Bank Digital Currencies, via a petition, open to the 21st December 2022 on the Government Website. More than 7,666 have already signed.

As Australian citizens we should be concerned about the disadvantages of a Central Bank Digital Currency. Traceability: In the case where physical cash is eliminated entirely this eliminates our ability to transact in a fully anonymous manner. Negative Rates: With CBDCs, you cannot withdraw your digital tokens and hold them under the mattress. If there is no option for physical cash this gives central banks ability to implement negative interest rates. Programmability: CBDCs give central banks a unique opportunity to make money “programmable”. For example: Expiration, with a direct relationship with your central bank, CBDCs could permit a currency expiration policy. Your money could be programmed so that if you don’t spend the $5000 in your account by next Saturday, it will expire. Personalised monetary policy: With a bank of Big Data on individual spending habits, coupled with digital identification infrastructure, the central bank will have enough information to tailor its monetary policy personally. For example if it is known that lower earners have a higher propensity to consume, stimulus can be directly delivered to those people. Personalised monetary policy could even become politicised. A government could segment its voters, identify communities where it is behind in polls, and deliver stimulus to these groups.
Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to enshrine the use of cash in law.

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  1. "Nobody's talking about it" … of course not, the main stream media has been told not to. I can't be the only person who has stopped watching the woke pc ABC that can't have the NEWS or a current affairs program without an aboriginal, gay, feminist or refugee story, or representitive on the panel, invariably chaired by a female. If it wasn't for social media platforms such as yourself there would be no important news.

  2. Every one of those e-petitions I signed during 2020 and 2021 were useless because the politicians still went ahead with the policies regardless. The way they are worded does not refer to the Australian constitution, common law and high court cases where fraud and theft is involved. The CBDC will be irrelevant during times there are no electricity as a result of an Electromagnetic Pulse or there simply isn't enough power to run the servers to make those transactions. Yuval Noah Harari from the World Economic Forum who is famous for saying humans are hackable animals could potentially exploit people's finances a lot easier if things are digital rather than physical and I'm surprised this video doesn't cover that.

  3. This IS the NEW WORLD ORDER / GREAT RESET in plain sight for all to see !!

    The W.E.F & U.N are behind all of this , if we don't fight now then we will be on our knees forever after …… and Worse !!

    Time for people to wake up and realise that this will be the end for ALL of us if we don't stand together shoulder to shoulder !!

    Humanity is on the brink !!

  4. The programmable features go beyond setting expiry dates for cash. The thing the powers that be are most excited about is they can "finally" beat runs on the bank, and hyperinflation regardless of how much money they print. This is because they can control prices of items, ban price rises, after the items details are also mandated to be included in the transaction (ostensibly, say, for environmental reasons, which the CBA is already trying to do so that they can calculate carbon footprint for every transaction). Once all these details are in there, you can do what Robert Mugabe could not when he sent men with guns to every bakery to stop them charging more for a loaf of bread. They can try centrally planned economics again, this time with the aid of AI, mass surveillance, mandatory CBDC's.
    Other nice bonuses of such a system is that you could blacklist certain people so that they can't buy some, or any, products. You could restrict people, like ex prisoners, to only spending money at Woolworths and Coles; or completely debank businesses you don't like, which has certainly been attempted in todays systems but with less success because alternatives exist.
    With features built into the currency itself, control is completely centralised. Not only at a national level, but internationally as "standards" are already being written up to allow interoperability and international controls of CBDC's.
    Cash, gold, and decentralised crypto could be used on black markets, though cash won't last long as we stop making or and having faith in it. Physical gold can't be wired across the country for an online transaction. Which leaves things like bitcoin, which is practically impossible to ban, confiscate, or control. God help us.

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