Restrict Act MUST be stopped! Prisontime for VPNs, no FOIA, lobbyists get to work for govt; BAD!!

👉 The bill:
🔴 White House saying they like this:
🔴 FOIA stuff cited in bill as NOT APPLYING:
🔴 Limits on lobbyists serving in government cited in bill as NOT APPLYING:

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00:00 – Clips
01:25 – Introduction – I hate tiktok
02:18 – However, I believe in civil liberties
01:13 – We will only read source material
03:26 – Covered transactions = provision of technology or service
03:55 – Mitigation measure
04:15 – Transaction
06:00 – Covered transactions again
06:42 – Secretary of commerce wields massive power to decide what he can get rid of on the modern internet
06:58 – Election interference – oh god….
08:51 – “Undermining democratic processes/institutions” gets you banned.
10:44 – 1 million persons, unique or just hits?
11:10 – Computational biology….
13:02 – Letting lobbyists run the advisory committees
14:07 – Why is this bad?
14:45 – Who are tiktok’s competitors?
16:42 – Penalties – THE BAD PART
18:58 – The VPN ban
20:03 – Additional recordkeeping
21:50 – Call to action for my audience
22:28 – PRISON
24:29 This has a chance of actual passing
25:35 – Civil forfeiture
27:02 – Freedom of Informtion Act thrown out the window
28:57 – Anyone who introduced this legislation should be voted out IMMEDIATELY
29:26 – Dr. Seuss wrote this bill
30:07 – Freedom of Information Act – disambiguation
31:10 – Less checks & balances
31:27 – No accountability
31:38 – Protecting classified(OR UNCLASSIFIED) information!
32:10 – A reminder that Freedom of Information Act is INAPPLICABLE!
33:06 – Conclusion

Written by Louis Rossmann

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  1. TikTok does to kids what every social media platform does to them, by the same means, algorithmic content delivery. If it was actually about the children, or data, they would be pushing for laws restricting algorithms and data gathering, or creating age limits to social use. The real reason TikTok was singled out was because being created in China meant it was an ideal target for Cold War 2.0 propaganda, providing an excuse to pass this law, which is essentially aimed at creating an American equivalent to China's Firewall and internet censorship infrastructure. It was never about the psychological wellbeing of kids or privacy.

    The other pretext for this law is also bullshit. The "foreign interference" which turned out to be a nothingburger, and mostly lies, as shown by formal investigations by Congress, investigation by social media companies themselves, and the Twitter files stories. It was deliberate hoax to create a pretext for legislation like this, destroying digital freedom was the whole point. The election interference angle was directed at liberals and the TikTok-China hysterics directed at the right, all by the uniparty in order to manufacture consent for digital totalitarianism.

  2. How can they accuse China of being dictatorship while using VPN in China is not a crime but in U.S it is? If that moron continues to think that way, well, all U.S digital computer users are criminals because China invented Binary system in <Yi Jing> 2000 years ago.

  3. For once the name of the bill actually says exactly what they want to do. Only it doesn't nothing that the sales pitch says it will do, its a supercharged Hong Kong "National Security" bill even the Chinese couldn't dream of making.

  4. How is it legal, to simply say in your piece of toilet paper that, everything written here is not subject to the laws of this country. AND IT ACTUALLY IS CONSIDERED LEGIT. These kind of acts should be automatically invalid, it would almost be like saying "this act here is not subject to the first amendment" and actually working! What's the point of having FOIA if people can just say "Weeeeell, my paper does not comply with FOIA and if you don't like it, walk"

  5. Well, it's been a long road getting here.
    It'd taken 100 years and the collapse of every superpower before it, but we're here.
    The western oligarchy is finally running out of options. This is all the proof you need, you little left wing nut or your far right extremist. There is no "left" or "right". There is only you, the slave, and your masters the .1%
    It's top vs bottom and I'll tell you hwat, you're in the fucking bottom. You're a slave in all but name, and you have been for most or all of your life.

    Use a VPN? 20 years in jail. Think about that. That's more severe than Russia or China. THIS is the monstrosity of an overreach the Five Eyes Oligarchs have become. Freedom Act? A paltry first step. "Hate Speech"? How convenient.
    And here we are "for the greater good"… of the elite while you work 2 jobs, can't pay rent and eat fucking instant ramen at 65.

    It's really very simple, my patriotic friends across the ocean. You either say "NO FUCK YOU" now, start enforcing your 2A god given right, and dismantle this corrupt government (as is also your God given right per the constitution).

    Or you sit back, relax, do nothing, and watch your children become slaves to as much if not a worse degree than the USSR or Maoist China ever did.

    "Good men plant trees whose shade they know they will never see"
    Do it for your kids.

  6. Just a point, here: election integrity has everything to do with cybersecurity Chain of Custody, and racketeering through open absolvement of Ethics, Propriety, Codes of Conduct, and Conflict of Interest.
    Do not be distracted by operatic drama in political subterfuge. Stay focused on the technical physics and electronics: can we prove, realtime, the encryption ciphersuite, data-at-rest, bytes-in-flight, and data-in-transit are valid and not just created out of thin air?
    Right now, that answer is NO. No real cryptanalyst would put his name to Dominion and approve offshore accounting in any Records Retention audit.
    Arizona Sheriff's Department, Arizona Maricopa County, Biden Supreme Court Stacking and case rejections, were all racketeering by refusing, and even being incapable, of proving out and demonstrating realtime ciphersuite and dataflow encryption and retrieval. Additionally, Katie Hobbes' run, let alone fraudulent election, was literally illegal as a Conflict of Interest as an Appearance of Impropriety, id est the Secretary signor may not certify her own election.

    Stay focused bro.

    By the way: LOUIS ROSSMAN USA PRESIDENT 2024!!

  7. This is horrifying, The complete indemnity and absence of recourse towards the government that this bill clearly describes is nothing short of an Orwellian nightmare. I am furious. If this passes I have no doubt that it will be legislated in other countries, namely US allies. A similar action is being proposed here in Canada, 'Federal Privacy Bill C:27'.
    We all need to call our city councillors (or state representatives), talk to others and stop these blatant infringements against our fundamental rights.

  8. I’m am genuinely scared of this bill im going to contact my senators and as a person who usually doesn’t give a shit about political parties definitely doesn’t now fuck these people fuck their ideals this country is about freedom and ur taking that away legitimately our founding fathers would be mortified 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😰😰😰

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