Retired Army Colonel Senator Black: We Are Headed For A Hot War With Russia AND China

Are we headed for a hot war with Russia? Retired Colonel and VA State Senator Richard Black

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. Shows you how strong Russia is! The west had 7 years to prepare Ukraine and Ukraine got its ass kicked. If US/NATO hadn't interceeded upon Ukraine behalf Russia would have steam rolled Ukraine in 30 days and this would have been over but, as Joe said "We will fight to the last Ukrainian" and they are dam well near the last Ukrainian now!

  2. Dear Mz Eversen, Senator Black is an extremely perspicacious gentleman. In the 1990s when these kleptopaths thought that the collapse of Russia would soon follow the collapse of the Soviet Union, they spawned the geopolitical doctrine described in the “Project for a New American Century” and the military doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance”. Hilary Clinton went so far as to openly state that Siberia is too vast and rich in natural resources to belong to one country.
    Russia has been their ultimate target since. They are infuriated that Vladimir Putin has reversed what they thought was the inevitable decay of Russia. Many Ukrainians are saying that Russia itself must be dismembered. Well Sweden, France, Germany and others have invaded Russia and learned to their detriment that it was a bad idea. The US will learn the same but this time, with thermonuclear weapons, it may prove to be humanity’s last mistake.

  3. I dont think this dude has a clue. Biden isnt passionate about anything other than getting through a daily speech and finding his way off stage. The mans mind is gone, and hes someones puppet. Likely someone who is trying to take this country down from within. Its pretty obvious WWIII has already begun, were just not reading the history books about it. Because its only just begun.
    Some one is gonna make this puppet responsible for nuclear war and the destruction of the US along with her allies. You can see how this is all being played out on purpose.

  4. Global financial elites want a hot war to do a "great reset" by killing off a majority of the world because their debt system is collapsing. By killing the people off they can effectively discharge the debt and eliminate potential enemies to the system because the people are the ones that would get disgruntled and overthrow the elites once the debt system collapses. Most of the elites are also Malthusian depopulationists and eugenicists so a general nuclear war will kill multiple birds with one stone for them. These financial elites are the greatest threat to human survival that has ever existed.

  5. Government leaders in many westernized countries have been compromised and have no choice….its "The Firm" at global level. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. Secular leaders at the helm. Putin is the closest Christian in my opinion. I saw Eric coomer of dominion voting system behind antifa/BLM on 11/14/20. He was holding clipboard with checklist. Also saw federal workers driving golf cart delivering water and supplies to antifa/BLM. The coup has already happened before 2020 election and Putin knows. He is saving Ukraine and his people.

  6. Parents who have children in the military need to speak to the kids and tell them to not participate in this war. They can guard the homeland but, any orders to move into other countries or to go fight they need to simply "NOT COMPLY". Being a 20 year vet I know what I am saying and the results of that but, if our troops do it in mass the politicians are shit out of luck!

  7. My fellow Americans, Please go read the word of God please, God has turned people like Biden, Obama, Clintons, Bush, And over half of the people in our country. Over To a reprobated mind,They are Godless and wicked people. Please pray for our nation daily. May God protect and keep us all.

  8. NOW: "It Gets Fun." The USA "Loves" MEDDLING in the "Elections" in OTHER (Especially – Non – Anglo) Countries, CORRECT? So, NOW: C.R.A.N.K. (China. Russia. Afghanistan. North Korea.) and 95% of HUMANS on EARTH are PRIORITIZING the 2024 US Presidential Election, and the PEACE "Candidate." Hey, WALL STREET: "How about, NO Microchips, and NO Business, AT ALL, for that Matter? TULSI GABBARD 2024!

  9. If Putin is an unpredictable psychopath, and a war criminal, how and why did the United States communicate with the Russian military prior to Biden’s visit to Ukraine? Why did the Russians then refrain from launching ANY missiles, or flying ANY sorties during Biden’s visit? This proves that Putin wants peace. This proves that the US government knows that Putin is predictable, and respectful even, that he made no effort to kill or intimidate Biden during his visit to Ukraine. The idiotic Americans had to get the Ukrainians to blow their air raid sirens in a ridiculous, theatrical performance to trick uninformed American sheep to think that their president was at risk, and a brave hero, completely opposite of the truth. Putin is the one who continuously, month after month, asked for summit conferences with European leaders, and NATO, and was ignored. The Russians agreed, last April at the Peace Conference in Turkey, to withdraw from Ukraine, if the Ukrainians would just promise to never become a NATO country….which the USA promised to Russia back in the 1990’s. A simple solution…..except that Boris Johnson went there as a representative of NATO, or the USA, and convinced the Ukrainians not to sign the deal, and walk away, in return for MILITARY AND CASH support from NATO and the USA!! Now hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are dead, and the US leaders act like they play no part in the carnage which could have been stopped? The corrupt, lying fools in Washington, mobsters getting kickbacks from the defence contractors, think they can just keep pushing around everyone else in the world to do what they say? God help the human race, whose so called leaders are happily marching us toward extinction.

  10. Russia and China need to clearly say they are including in 'first strike' to target global oligarch hideouts including New Zealand bunkers, Brussels WEF hideouts, all their yachts and penthouses.

    Once the gutless elite know they and their descendents will maybe die, then we will see an about face re war.

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