REVEALED: Daniel Ellsberg Had Assange Docs, DARES DOJ To Prosecute Him | Breaking Points

Ryan and Emily are joined by Stefania Maurizi to break down massive revelations by Daniel Ellsberg about the current updates on the prosecution of Julian Assange.

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  1. Democrats should revolt and leave their party and Republicans need a total overhaul of leadership. We need a new republic free of corruption and manipulation. The DNC is corrupt to the core, stealing life savings from average Americans to illegally fund their elections to keep power. We need to demand answers, or our country will fall from within.

  2. In the Krystal/Saagar segments, which I generally feel are EXCELLENT, I don’t feel Saagar is unabashedly enunciating his positions when they disagree with Krystal’s. Sometimes, both viewpoints can be right or half-right(…or the opposite), so what remains most important is that two people are GENUINELY doing their best to engage/confront/solve an issue and consistently debating “lol/semi-politely with helpfulness and in good faith” and are open to occasional alterations/corrections/etc of their personal views and even some “far left field” views while sprinkling in generous portions of sarcasm and humor. 😂

  3. The "Official Secrets Act" is a tool of the UK, and the UK government is completely cucked now; and the whole infrastructure of the UK is utterly composed of woke weaklings. So until the UK has any freedoms and any real men inside their institutions, none of their laws can have any meaning for any real man on earth.

  4. There's something forgotten with Wikileaks publishing and "Collateral Murder" – Assange published everything. US Army tactics and procedures, doxxing interpreters and sources.

    It's a completely coherent legal case when you put American Soldiers and our allies at physical harm and risk, who have nothing do with the allegation of torture and human rights violations. Who did nothing but sign up to serve in a total lost cause of two wars.

    Comparing it to the Pentagon papers is journalistic malfeasants. They published a RAND study not active information that put people's lives at risks that have nothing to do with the stories that came out of it.

FBI Agent Planted Inside Twitter FIRED By Musk For Censorship

FBI Agent Planted Inside Twitter FIRED By Musk For Censorship!

Its real

It’s real.