REVEALED: How China WEAPONIZES Data Through TikTok | Breaking Points & The Realignment

Krystal and Saagar have Marshall from The Realignment Pod to break down how TikTok poses a major threat to The United States.

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  1. No joke, I know many married couples in America that are on the rocks or getting divorced in part because of TikTok’s influence telling them that one of them is always cheating, be suspicious but also telling the woman “go get the bag”, “you deserve better than him” but they don’t even know him, it’s insane.

    There’s whole channels dedicated to “how to manipulate & lie”, basically how to be a fraud.

  2. This is all U. S. propaganda. What is so sensitive and of concern for what goes on TikTok? There's no h bomb secrets, plots to kill somebody, etc. The U. S. failed its citizens and want them to toe the line of the elites. But they're too smart to give in. This is all bs and I'm surprised breaking points stoop to this level of nonsense. We are sick of these "experts" trying to get us into switching to the U. S. social apps that suck and which btw capture and store our data. Why don't you just be specific about what is being taken from us? The NSA does this every single day.

  3. China uses 'national security' as the justification for their State Capitalism system. If we do the same in the US, shouldn't we at some point admit that we no longer believe in free enterprise? In the name of 'national security' we're undermining everything that makes us different from authoritarian regimes.

    If China is beating us at our own game in the attention economy, why don't we just build better platforms, instead of censoring and banning competition?

  4. He's foolish to think China will settle for an equal partnership of power throughout the world with the U.S. China is going to do what's in their best interest, as should we. The Chinese communist party believes it should be the dominant power of the 21st century and the U.S. needs to simply move aside. However, it seems the Chinese haven't even seen the writing on the wall yet. Their economy is going to implode as their population ages and shrinks, and the U.S. accelerates pulling business out of China. China's best days may already be over. The U.S. should be looking towards make fair, and legal trade agreements with India, which has a much better chance of becoming a super power that could match the U.S. economically speaking.

  5. TIKTOK is allowed in China. What they won't allow is the rubbish that excites Americans to grab for their toys and favourite lubricants. You would be better served to take control of some of the filth and dangerous woke ideology you allow to be distributed to all ages in your country.

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