REVEALED: Media Pressured Twitter To FABRICATE Russian Interference | Counter Points

Ryan and Emily break down the latest Twitter files exposing how the company was involved in furthering the Russia-gate narrative.

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  1. I'm pretty sure it was a company called New Knowledge that was being cited by both the US congress and news media claiming that they were experts and finding bots such as Russian bots that was found by Facebook to be making tons of fake "Russian bots" for which Facebook kicked them off their platform. New Knowledge was using their claims to sell a service of protecting from such bots if I remember correctly.

  2. i think its a mistake to play down bots when bots are one of the tools used against channels like breaking points. mentioining stuff like 150 grand was behind the bot efforts means nothing, very poor point to make, one tweet can have a billion dollar effect. thats kinda the actual problem, maybe you focused on the numerics of an issue cause you are in the media, and its kinda formuliac process when your in there, but the reality is one tweet can demolish a million years of wisdom.

  3. Well said Emily. Keep doing this. A similar pattern of “create the rumor, investigate the rumor, find what the investigators want to find” was what took us to war in Iraq. That war set off the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. This is big stuff. Americans need a comprehensive understanding of how this happens.

  4. Look at this Toledo, OH study, the higher the poke rate, the lower the infection rate? Nope. The more pokes, the HIGHER the infection rate. Flash from the past. Saagar boasting his jab status, and telling others they can do what they want, but he's good/covered. Aaaand, then he got it. I immediately thought, dude, it's time to wake up. Safe-n-effective girl, read 'em and weep (truly).
    Factors in infection risk

  5. The complete silence of legacy networks on reporting of Twitter files is dangerous for the very existence of America and the idea of America. We can't have a functional country that has legacy media working against the interest of America. America's interest doesn't lie in feeding the "woke machinery".

  6. I was thinking that maybe it's because I'm old that I never have the thought that anyone criticizing me online is a bot but I'm definitely much younger than Hillary Clinton or maybe it's because I examine any criticism to see if there's anything to be learned from it while also remembering that it's just someone else's opinion.

  7. So now we know for sure why the MSM won't touch the Twitter files story: because it directly implicates them and makes them look bad. Instead of "speaking truth to power," as they love to imagine themselves doing, they instead are speaking on behalf of the power and serving the establishment's interests. I mean, it's been obvious for some time that this was going on, but now we know for certain.

  8. What they are saying was Russia and China had poor efforts to manipulate on social media.

    It will blow your mind when you come to the realization US covert operations manipulated social media and created the narrative Russia and China were running successful Information Operations on social media, to get Russia and China to better organize Information Operations on social media.

  9. When did Ryan Grim leave The Hill?
    Certainly after Kim Iversen left…
    I thought he was just on holiday or something, nobody on the hill channel even acknowledged his absence.


    Well I for one am glad he is no longer being held back by the Hill and also that breaking points FINALLY has two hosts who aren't nasal and shrill and too effing loud and emotional.
    FINALLY we might get clear concise and rational debate.

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