Revealing History: Jen Psaki Struggles to Make Excuses for Victoria Nuland’s Leaked Audio in 2014

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. A bunch of criminals. Our gov. just approved of a slush fund for crime in Ukraine. The expansion of NATO and the coup in Ukraine. Now the lies being told to keep the con going. How many people will die for these psychopaths? The MIC exists in most countries, and I wonder about the damage they do. How many bio labs are there in the world containing the next virus outbreak that kills many while some get rich.

  2. As usual.. the person directly responsible for the problems.. never gets his name mentioned. That would be Joe Biden's boss Barack Obama who spent eight years overthrowing democratically-elected governments in Ukraine and Honduras.. while taking us from two wars to seven.. Barack Obama was the father of the blue check garbage we find ourselves in right now. And even Glenn Greenwald won't really mention his name.. It seems when it comes to Barack Obama ..the buck never stopped at his desk in the Oval Office… His political allies, employees, and appointees always took the blame and still do to this day. 🤨

  3. This should be a DAILY occurrence at a presser or confronting anyone in an administration ,including a senile president. Unfortunately, most of the press is paid by the same companies that run the government. The Democrats are pure liars. The Republicans at least walk right up and steal.

  4. “We talk about overthrowing governments illegally all the time in private conversations, but we don’t actually do it! Just cause it came to pass exactly as stated and we like the outcome doesn’t mean we had a hand in it… I think you’re overstating it” Jenn Sacky

  5. Every time I listen to any WH press secretary (current or former), all I can think is that their favorite movie is “Thank you for Smoking” and they each viewed it as a masterclass taught by fictional character, Nick Naylor. With the exception of Sean Spicer who only read the cliff notes 😂

  6. More importantly was the engineering of the Maidan riots with J. McCain smiling with devilish glee snd recording the mayhem from his luxury hotel room above the park, it was the apex of the overthrow which took nearly 20 years and $5 billion in tax payers funds. A few of the devils are gone now but plenty remain like Nuland, and more have come online…. Human history is this way because the comes in many forms and multiple locations, finding it's way near power that produces human suffering and war.

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Restrict Act MUST be stopped Prisontime for VPNs no FOIA

Restrict Act MUST be stopped! Prisontime for VPNs, no FOIA, lobbyists get to work for govt; BAD!!