RFK Jr. BLASTS War Machine Over Ukraine In Announcing Presidential Bid

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has declared his candidacy for President, running as a Democrat. And while the mainstream press inevitably focused on his controversial position on vaccines, much more of his announcement speech was dedicated to decrying the war machine, the surveillance state and the abandonment of middle class Americans.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss some of the intriguing points RFK jr. addressed in his announcement speech.

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  1. So much talks and so what? He is another old man who can barely talk, who comes from another dynasty of establishment for establishment. How many times politicians were talking the right things but in reality did nothing? It is only rational, if you want to win or to take some other high place, to use the anti war rhetoric to gain more votes across the political spectrum. This system can only die out.

  2. Can you imagine how the world would have been different had JFK actually dismantled the CIA???

    The whole world knows they killed him
    But his nephew is going to experience what the war machine will do to discredit him

    I hope his campaign manager has learned from Bernie losses …. Bc they will unleash their dogs at MSNBC and other war media….in print as well as on TV and on social…

    His only chance is to build a much stronger grassroot

    Sadly he's running as a Dem??? Why? I would never vote for a Dem as long as the Senate didn't change the rules…..

    Best wishes

  3. The Best Presidential Candidate in Decades. Rational. Informed both Nationally Globally and in the Law.

    He knows all the major players.

    A Strong commitment to public service.

    Extremely intelligent and someone that you can not only believe is genuine but has the record to back it up.

    Also despite his kind respectful demeanor…

    He is toough as Nails..

    His skin is very thick and his resolve is proven.

    Although i also would advise him to run as an independent.

    He always has my support ❤️.

    He is one of my favorite people on the planet.

    The more you listen to him.
    The more you realize the actual amount of BS that has piled on about him.

    They fear him more than anyone.
    Its not even close.

    It almost makes me feel hope..

    Much ❤️ Mr Mate' ..
    Great work .
    And we all love ❤️ Kurt..

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